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Upcoming Events

15/3/2023Joao Bettencourt-Silva, IBMKnowledge Graphs for Biomedicine: current approaches and the case of risk model enrichment
7/6/2023Dr Taiyu ZhuTransforming Personalised Diabetes Care through Deep Learning
Previous Events
04/10/2019Julien Fauqueur, (BenevolentAI)Relation extraction from biomedical literature for drug discovery
22/11/2019Dr Hugh Harvey (HardianHealth)Bench to Bedside: Understanding Regulatory Pathways for Delivering Health Technology to Patients
06/12/2019Jessica Rose Morley (Oxford Internet Institute)AI for healthcare: how to get it right?
24/01/2020Benjamin Irving (Sensyne Health, Oxford University)Machine learning for patient stratification and outcome prediction from ‘real world evidence’
28/02/2020Paul Clarke (Health Data Insight CIC)Simulated datasets for health data access and research
20/03/2020John Reid (Blue Prism)Bayesian Active Learning with Gaussian processes
03/04/2020Ciarán M. Lee (Babylon Health)Causal Inference in Healthcare
06/08/2020Mustafa Ghafouri (Data Scientist, Hitachi) and Adrian Conduit (Director, Hitachi)Practical challenges in operationalising data science models to improve flow, coordination and care in hospitals
19/10/2020Caterina La Porta and Stefano ZapperiEstimating individual susceptibility to Sars-CoV-2 in human subpopulations using artificial neural networks
15/01/2021Giuseppe Sollazzo , NHSXIntroduction to NHSX
29/01/2021Kenton O'Hara, Microsoft Facilitating proactive care planning: using Machine Learning for Predicting Hypotension in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit 
12/03/2021Dimitrios Vitsios, AstrazanecaJARVIS: Prioritizing non-coding regions based on human genomic constraint and primary sequence context with deep learning
5/12/2022Louise Crowe and Chris Wroe, BMJ 
18/1/2023Domingo Salazar, AstraZenecaAn Introduction to Machine Learning in Pharma