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Steering AI Podcast

Welcome to Steering AI, where we navigate the uncharted waters of Artificial Intelligence and its profound implications for our future.

Artificial Intelligence is hurtling us into an unknown future. Will it pollute our infosphere, reinforce biases, or even be an existential risk? Or will AI help us solve the energy crisis, revolutionise healthcare and even eliminate the need for work? Perhaps all of these?

On Steering AI, we talk to leading academic experts at the cutting-edge of this increasingly powerful and pervasive technology, hearing their views on the benefits and how to steer around the risks. 

The first step to mitigate a threat is to understand it. Technological progress is hard to predict, but no one doubts AI will have an enormous impact on our lives. Brainstorming with the experts, we seek to understand the problems we’re already facing, and what might be coming our way.

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