UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence



The AI Centre has a clear vision for research, skills and innovation which is continually informed through discussion with academics, students, government and industry. Ultimately the Centre is not for us, it is for you – the public and society that we serve.

The AI Centre both feeds in to and is supported by one of Europe’s most vibrant tech sectors. Members of the AI Centre have made some of the most successful AI startups in recent times and the Centre aims to help create more by supporting Centre staff and students through entrepreneurship training and hosting industry events at the Centre.

Of particular interest to us is the creation and support of companies that introduce new AI algorithms exceeding previous capabilities. Such companies will benefit from our deep technical expertise and we believe are most likely to shape the future economic and societal landscape.

We are delighted by the support received for our vision of open, collaborative research and training, partnering with some of the most forward thinking organisations in the world. Our founding partners Cisco, Google DeepMind and Adobe have been instrumental in creating the Centre, helping shape our vision of progressive research and training from Masters students through to PhDs and established researchers. We are grateful to many other generous supporters, including Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, Accenture, Vodafone, Huawei, Niantic, Faculty, BenevolentAI, Digital Surgery, Dynium, OSIC, Intuitive and Julia Computing.

With all these contributions, we are able to offer much more, from increased support for diversity and training to understanding how and where our research efforts can have the most impact. Innovation training is kindly supported by Albion Capital, Capital Enterprise, SCM Advisors, CognitionX and Entrepreneur First. The Centre is also supported by Digital Catapult in interfacing with industry and has received generous computing support from local companies including Novatech.