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Machine Learning/AI for young women studying A level maths, stats and computer science

04 June 2021, 9:30 am–4:30 pm

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On the 4 June 2021, the UCL AI Centre will be participating in Cisco's Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI) for A level maths, stats and computer science students. This event is open to Year 12 & 13 girls studying computer science, maths or stats – Cisco has something cool and interesting for you!

This event is free.

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Sam Moylan-Heydt

Year 12 & 13 girls studying computer science, maths or stats – Cisco has something cool and interesting for you!

The UCL AI Centre is proud to be participating and contributing to this event where UCL staff, students and alumni will host and participate in various sessions throughout the day. These include:

  • Panel session made up entirely of UCL current students to discuss why they chose to study AI
  • Interactive session "Could AI enable a sustainable future?" with Dr Maria Perez Ortiz
  • Talk by Prof Delmiro Fernandez-Reyes about his work in bringing AI Medicine to Africa and Nigeria
  • Life after graduation: recent graduate Rula Awad will discuss her work on popular social media platforms

In the past, people wrote programs to process data in order to achieve outcomes. Now there is a change taking place: Mathematicians and Data Scientists are instead training machines to learn for themselves, and this means exciting new solutions to the world’s problems are within reach. Recognising handwriting, playing board games and face filters was just the start. Watch this space for complex disease detection, whole artificial world generation, elaborate environment modelling, etc. Humanities most urgent issues are within our targets.

If you are currently studying Maths, Stats or Computer Science, come along to this exciting virtual event learn how your skills will be centre stage in this new and exciting world of Machine Learning.

In the words of Dame Wendy Hall ‘Diversity should be included as part of any ethical framework for AI. In other words if it’s not diverse it’s not ethical’ which is why we’re reaching out to young women to join the cause.

Closing date to register interest Friday 14th May. Space is limited, please register your interest ASAP

Date: Friday 4th June

Time: 09:30 – 16:30

Location: Online - Webex

Register your interest now. https://www.ciscofeedback.vovici.com/se/705E3EE82113888D