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CogX Events 2020

UCL's Centre for Artificial Intelligence will be hosting a number of events and activities at the CogX 2020 Global Leadership Summit

CogX is an award-winning Festival with its roots in artificial intelligence. The fourth edition, June 8th to 10th, adds a Virtual first experience and Global Leadership Summit, and builds on the huge success of the 2019 event, which brought together over 20,000 visitors. CogX is expecting over 30,000 participants including 600+ speakers across 18 topic stages and 100+ side events.

CogX Events 2020

Foundational AI (A Mathematician’s take) - Session delivered by Benjamin Guedj, 8th June, 11am: CogX Side Event 

NOTE: Slides from Benjamin's presentation are now available to view here

AI's impressive successes have made it pervasive in society and this has caught the interest of industry and decision-makers, although little is acknowledged in the public eye to the essential theoretical foundations of AI systems. Benjamin Guedj will present examples of how theoreticians' contributions are a key fuel to AI and comment on future exciting challenges.

'AI: Your Smart Coworker' - Panel Discussion, 8th June, 12pm: Cutting Edge Stage

Standard machine learning requires lots of labelled training data and, once trained, has limited interaction with people. We are currently undergoing a paradigm shift away from this approach to more interactive and intuitive ways of interfacing with machines, resulting in AI coworkers. We'll discuss some of the reasons why this new paradigm is important and useful.

Panel Members: 

Chair- David Barber (Director- UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence) 

Emine Yilmaz (Professor, UCL)

Edward Challis (Co-Founder & CEO, Re:infer)

Raza Habib (Co-Founder & Director, Humanloop)

'AI for Sustainable Development' - Panel Discussion, 10th June, 1pm: CogX Side Event

Artificial intelligence has the potential to be a key ingredient towards solving global and societal challenges (e.g. the UN sustainable development goals), such as climate change, global food security, or reducing inequalities. To understand the role of AI better, we will explore why and how AI can be useful to make and measure progress towards sustainable development.

Panel Members: 

Chair- David Barber (Director- UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence) 

Julien Cornebise (Honorary Associate Professor, UCL)

Maja Pantic (Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing, Imperial College London)

Maria Fasli (UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science, Director of Institute for Analytics and Data Science, University of Essex)


More About CogX 2020

CogX's theme this year is, “How do we get the next 10 years right?” with aims to:

• Move the conversation forward with concrete actions
• Inspire current and future generations of leaders
• Help reframe the climate emergency as the biggest economic opportunity in the last 200 years
• Help increase understanding of the current Covid-19 pandemic and champion innovative solutions

CogX – Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI & Breakthrough Technology

8th – 10th June 2020

  • Virtual CogX is Europe’s leading AI festival – over 30,000 participants from the highest levels of government, industry and research
  • Theme – How Do We Get the Next 10 Years Right?
  • World-class thought-leaders speak on our 16 stages
  • Our content truly impacts policy. 10% of our audience are Policy Makers, and our co-founder, Tabitha Goldstaub chairs the UK government’s AI council
    Amplification – between press and social, we reached over 3.2m people in 2019