For Academics

Established in 1975, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is one of the world’s leading knowledge transfer mechanisms, which provides academics with the unique opportunity to apply research to real world, business critical projects

Part-funded by a number Government organisations and Research Councils, KTP is led by the Technology Strategy Board. Each KTP project lasts between 6 months and 36 months, depending upon the time required to deliver real outcomes.

KTP enables you to participate in rewarding and ongoing collaborations with innovative businesses that require up-to-date research-based expertise to grow and succeed.

You will jointly supervise a KTP Associate, who will be based predominantly at the company premises.

Benefits to UCL Academics
  • There have 66 projects since 1995 across 15 UCL depts (including cross departmental) securing £8.8m total income, including £1.6m going directly to the Academic PI.
  • Jointly publish papers in collaboration with the KTP Associate and the company – typically 3 papers per KTP at UCL
  • Create new source material for use in teaching material at under- and post-graduate level
  • Opportunity to identify student projects for current and future Masters & PhD programmes
  • Identify further research collaborations with companies
  • Develop new ideas for research and demonstrate REF Impact
  • All KTP projects receive support from KTP Manager in compiling the application, pre award financial management, HR support and post award project & budget management
  • The potential to raise your own and your department's profile in the bid to attract ongoing funding from other sources

How can I get involved?

Do you have an idea for a KTP project? Do you have a company who you wish to work? Are you interested in finding out how KTP can support you and your department?

Please contact Claire Arbon, UCL KTP Manager on 020 3108 3290 or