How to Become a More Confident and Effective Networker

Date: Wednesday 4th June 2014
Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm

The 'How To Become A More Confident And Effective Networker' workshop is one of a three part mini-course, Communicating Science to Business, that helps to prepare academics looking to maximise the benefits of presenting their academic research to business audiences. The other 2 parts of the mini-courses are:

The stand alone workshops together make up a short programme - attend all three to maximise the value of participating. Participants that complete all three sessions in the same academic year will receive a certificate to mark their achievements.

Who should attend?

UCL staff who are interested in learning how to make the most of networking opportunities with potential business, investor, researcher or other collaboration partner.

About the workshop:

In today's highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more business opportunities than the average. 99% of people dread this vital activity; this session will help you overcome all your fears and concerns.

The workshop focuses on networking and business development skills - in particular how to 'work' a roomful of people. We will de-mystify the process of networking and will help you to relish every roomful of people as a roomful of potential future collaborators and contacts.

Attendees spoke about the previous networking workshop held, commenting:

“Really helpful, great speaker, engaged the whole time, will put into practice".

“Enjoyable session, useful to become more confident and learn new networking techniques”.

The workshop will help you by:

  • Divulging the secrets to help you destroy all those fears of working the room
  • Helping you to be in control, break the ice and start the conversation with strangers
  • Showing you how to approach the appropriate people, break into groups and move on with ease and consideration
  • Presenting you with ideas with what to talk about and how to be interesting
  • Spelling out a process for following up, ensuring you leave every event with a potential business opportunity
  • Revealing how you can raise your profile
About the presenter

The workshop is led by Sue Tonks, a professional speaker and trainer who works extensively with business people and academics  at  all levels -  her message is relevant to everyone who needs to made contacts, create collaborations and  progress with their research, programmes or business in the future. It is a must for future business and a must in all areas of your life.

How do I register?

Participation is free but places are limited to 50 people. Please register using the link below.

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