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Managing your usage and quota on the RDSS

Before you start...

You need to have registered a project with the RDSS in order to be able to access the storage. If you’d like to do that please read the Research Data Storage Service overview for details.


To manage your quota and usage, please start off by visiting our web administration portal. 

Viewing your quota and usage

After logging in, you will see the projects you belong on. Clicking on the project title of the project you want to check, you will be brought to a project detail page where you will see information about the project including quota and usage. Please note the files column, for if you are getting alerts that you have run out of space when the quota hasn't been met, it could because you have hit the maximum file limit. The limit is 200,000 files for every TB so for example, for 5TB of storage you are allowed 1,000,000 files. Archiving your files into zip or tar files will help reduce the number of files. If you need more advice then please contact us using the contact in the help and support section of this page.2

Requesting more storage (Pi's and Administrators only)

You can request more storage by clicking on edit, and changing the "max volume of data" value. If it exceeds 1TB then you will be advised that charges will be incurred and a calculation will be presented to you based on the amount you have requested, the charge per TB which is £50 and the length remaining on your project. Once you are happy with the new value, click "submit update".  1

An email will be sent to us with the request.   If the request was for more than 1TB you will receive a "statement of works" email which you need to reply to, filling in the required information including grant codes and budget administrators. This will be used for payment. Once we receive your reply to the "statement of works" email,  we will proceed with increasing your quota and you will get an email confirmation once it has been increased.

Calculations are based on two things, quota increase and project end date. Please see below for examples and explanations.

  • If you request a 1TB increase and you have 2 years remaining, then you will be charged roughly £100 as £50 x 1TB x 2 years = £100
  • If you request a 1TB increase but only have 6 months left, then you will be charged roughly half the yearly amount of £50 per TB.
  • If you request a project end date extension of one year but not an increase in quota then you will be charged for your current quota (excluding the 1TB free allowance) from the current end date until the new end date. So if you have a 5TB project and wish to extend for another year then you will be charged £200. (4TB x £50)
  • If you request a quota increase as well as a date extension then its get a little more complicated as we charge in two ways. Firstly we charge for the quota increase from the date you requested it until the new end date. We then charge for current quota (excluding the 1TB free allowance) from the current end date until the new end date. This is because we assume your current quota is paid for and agreed until the current end date, so we are just charging for the extension from the current end date until the new end date.

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