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Live Storage Access Guide


The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) is a large resilient storage system based on a technology called Spectrum Scale (previously called GPFS) and can be accessed in a variety of methods across all the major operating systems. Please see the relevant access guide below for instructions on how to get started.

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 RDSS Web Admin Portal:

Other access guides:

Further Information

You can find answers to a lot of commonly asked questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

General enquiries and requests for support should be sent to: researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk

Key SSH/SFTP Access Information

Access MethodSSH/SFTP
Server Namessh.rd.ucl.ac.uk or live.rd.ucl.ac.uk
UsernameYour central UCL user ID
PasswordYour central UCL password *
Path to your project space

This will have been provided by us upon your registration but it will be of the form: 



Our SSH Fingerprints (MD5)
40:9e:ca:3a:d0:e1:61:e7:f2:a3:ea:c5:42:70:46:3b (RSA)
ae:83:0b:e0:5d:4d:79:9d:ab:83:0b:8f:e1:b7:42:cb (ECDSA)
0a:77:87:40:e1:d3:ab:5f:65:1c:ca:96:ce:b6:bc:0c (ED25519)


Our SSH Fingerprints (SHA256)
jOZ2JKFALbZ3tMf/YHjA25yORel9Ym90Sc+i8ghewq8 (RSA)
X/e8Av6o7l5YdHSZ4P+KZp+QHn8hqqQP4sPZfuVo3oQ (ECDSA)
AvtwWCLELjFAcaelzmrSANy1Boq8V5N2J6SWzegSGrw (ED25519)


* You should never give your password to anyone under any circumstances (including Research Data Services or Information Services Division).


Key CIFS Access Information

Access Method CIFS AKA: SMB, Windows file sharing
Server Name live.rd.ucl.ac.uk
UsernameAD\<Your central UCL user ID> eg: AD\abcdefg
PasswordYour central UCL password *
Path to your project space


This will be in of the form ritd-ag-rdabcd-abcdefg