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How to mount the Research Data Storage Service on Linux

This guide outlines options for mounting the Research Data Storage Service on Linux


A package is required to be installed for CIFS share mounting in Linux: cifs-utils

This can be installed with (for example): 
sudo apt-get install cifs-utils (on Debian/Ubuntu derived OSs) 
sudo yum install cifs-utils (on RedHat/CentOS derived OSs)

The share can then be mounted with the command:

sudo mount \
   -t cifs \
   -o domain=ad.ucl.ac.uk,user=<ucl_username>,uid=<local_user> \
   //live.rd.ucl.ac.uk/<project_name> \

where: <ucl_username> is your UCL seven letter id./username, <local_user> is your local user name on the Linux system you are mounting on, <project_name> will be given in your welcome email and is of the long form: ritd-ag-project-rdabcd-abcdefg, and <destination> is where you would like to mount the CIFS share.

The uid=<local_user> term can be omitted if only root will be writing data or if write access is not needed for other users. It can also be replaced with noperm, which will give all users on your local machine access to the remote storage as though they are you. There are some other permission settings you may wish to change: please see man mount.cifs for help.

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Help & support

For further help and assistance you can contact researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk