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Tech meets Teach & Code Socials - May 2024

08 May 2024, 3:00 pm–5:00 pm


In May we will see the ARC TechSocial (in association with KQCodes) join forces with our termly Teach & Code Social.

This event is free.

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Samantha Ahern


Room 203
40 Bernard Street

Implanting ourselves into this terms Teach & Code Social, this month we will have the luxury of hearing from 2 speakers!

ARC's very own Dr James Wilson will be 'Introducing STEP-UP' - a 4 year EPSRC funded project to create a ‘people infrastructure’ of expert technical talent, along with career opportunities to support them.

Ben Waugh, from the department of Physics & Astronomy, will then focus our attention on programming for first-year physics students - describing the approach taken, and the tools used, to teach and assess programming as part of the first-year practical skills course in 
the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He will also talk about the challenges faced, and discuss how these can be tackled in his 
department and elsewhere. 
He will also talk about the challenges faced, and discuss how these can be tackled in his department and elsewhere

*Please note: As we will be linking-up with Teach & Code, this months TechSocial will be held in-person at 40 Bernard Street as below and starting at the earlier time of 3pm. Remote access will still be available along with live streaming at 90HH, function space

Free registration via Pretix

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About the Speakers

Dr James Wilson

at UCL Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

UCL Profile

Dr Ben Waugh

Department Computing Manager & IT Coordinator at UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy