Academic Manual


Section 5: Interruption of Study

UCL is currently in the process of finalising a new online workflow to support a new set of Interruptions of Study procedures. Find out more on the Recent Changes page.

In the interim, students and departments should use the 2019-20 procedures on this webpage.

Interruptions of Study Procedures 2019-20:

5.1 Interrupting5.4 Welfare Review
5.2 Making an Application5.5 Re-registering after an Interruption
5.3 Approval of Interruptions 

The Interruption Application Form and further information for students is available from: 

5.1 Interrupting

1.Interruption of Study is for Full-time or Part-time students who require a temporary break from their studies and plan to resume their studies at a future date.
 a) Students enrolled on a Flexible Mode of Attendance have a period of five years in which to complete their studies, enabling students to fit their modules around their work, family and other commitments. As a result, Flexible students are not able to apply for an Interruption of Study. The Extenuating Circumstances procedures are available if a student needs an extension or to defer an assessment (see Chapter 4, Section 6: Extenuating Circumstances).
2.Students should seek advice from their Personal Tutor and/ or from UCL Student Support and Wellbeing before making an application. Students who are considering an interruption because of a disability, illness or other Extenuating Circumstance should also consider the options available to them in Chapter 4, Section 5: Reasonable Adjustments and Chapter 4, Section 6: Extenuating Circumstances.
3.Students holding a Student Visa must leave the UK for the duration of any interruption and re-apply for a new visa in order to return to UCL. Such students must comply with visa requirements to safeguard their immigration status and future entry to the UK. UCL is legally required to notify the immigration authorities of any changes to a student’s status.

5.2 Making an Application

1.Students must not interrupt their registration without prior permission from UCL.
2.Application Forms are available from the Students webpages.
3.Applications must be submitted to the Parent Department/ Division together with any supporting evidence.
4.Applications should be made in advance of the period of interruption.
5.Students should contact UCL Student Fees and Funding before making an application as interrupting can have an impact on tuition fees, maintenance grants and student loans.
6.Students on a Student Visa should contact UCL Visa and Immigration Office before making an application as interrupting can have an impact on visas.
7.Further advice and guidance are available from the Interrupting or withdrawing from your studies webpage.

5.3 Approval of Interruptions

1.The following steps are completed via the online form in Portico.
 Departmental/ Divisional Approval
2.Applications must be considered by the Parent Department/ Division in the first instance. If the Parent Department/ Division supports the request, the supported application should be forwarded to the Faculty Tutor.
 Faculty Approval
3.The Faculty Tutor may approve applications falling into the following categories:
 a) A first interruption of up to one calendar year
 b)For reasons of Military Service only, a first interruption of up to two calendar years 
 c)A second or subsequent interruption, where the total interruption will not exceed more than two calendar years
 d)A request to back-date an interruption by up to three months.
4.The Faculty Tutor must forward approved applications to examboards@ucl.ac.uk who will amend the student’s record.
 UCL Approval
5.If the application falls into one of the following categories, and the Faculty Tutor supports the request, they should forward the supported application to the Director of Academic Services or their nominee for approval on behalf of the Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs):
 a) A request to back-date an interruption by more than three months.
6.The Director of Academic Services or their nominee must forward approved applications to UCL Student Records who will amend the student’s record. Approved applications must be reported to the next meeting of Education Committee.
7.If a student wishes to interrupt due to health and wellbeing issues, the Faculty Tutor or the Director of Academic Services may require the student to attend a welfare review with UCL Student Support and Wellbeing as a condition of returning to study after the interruption (see Section 5.4 below). This should be confirmed to the student and to examboards@ucl.ac.uk by the Faculty Tutor when the interruption is approved.

5.4 Welfare Review

1.If a welfare review is a condition of returning to study, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing will contact the student shortly before they are due to return to provide further information and arrange a suitable time and date to meet.
2.The purpose of the review is to ensure that renewed studies will not be detrimental to the student’s health, or their health to their studies. Students may be asked to provide medical evidence to indicate that they are well enough to live and work in a university environment. Further guidance on types of evidence can be found on the Students webpages.
3.Student Support and Wellbeing will submit a report to the Faculty Tutor who must make a decision on whether the student can return to study. The Faculty Tutor must notify the Department/ Division and examboards@ucl.ac.uk of their decision before the student is due to re-register on the programme (see Section 5.5 below).
4.Students with queries about returning from interruption are encouraged to contact UCL Student Support and Wellbeing through the askUCL student enquiries system.

5.5 Re-registering after an Interruption 

1.If a student intends to re-register, they must contact their Departmental/ Divisional Office no later than one month before the expected date of return. 
2.The Department/ Division should then contact examboards@ucl.ac.uk and the Faculty Office, confirming the intention to re-register the student.
3.UCL Student Records must then check whether re-registration has been restricted by the Faculty Tutor (see Section 5.4 above). If no such notification has been received, UCL Student Records should reinstate the student’s record. Students will not be able to re-register until their record is re-instated.
4.Students must have paid the appropriate tuition fees to UCL Fees and Funding, or provided evidence of sponsorship, before they can re-register.
5.Students must re-enrol within two weeks of their re-registration. Failure to re-enrol may result in the closure of a student’s record. See Section 1.2: Enrolment and Re-Enrolment for further details.
6.Visa national students must present their passport and current visa before they will be permitted to re-enrol.
7.If a student does not re-enrol within the required timeframes, UCL Student Records should close the student’s record.