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--- Classical Greek Fonts and Utilities ---

-- Word and WordPerfect Macros --

These macros are designed to work with fonts based on the WinGreek encoding, a large number of which can be found on the Fonts page. More information on encoding systems can be found on the Basics page. The macros facilitate the addition of accents, breathings and iota subscripts both lowercase and capital letters.

A brief description of the way in which these macros work can be found on the Utilities page.

The macros for Word 95 and above also offer a number of extra features: some utilities to assist with transcribing Greek from papyri, to convert SGreek to Greek, and to assist with some more general problems.

Also available for WordPerfect are some macros which facilitate the addition of accents etc. to the WP Greek font. Note: these are only for WP 6.1 / 7

What's new | Download Word macros | Download Wordperfect macros

What's new

Last updated: 28th July, 2001

New of July 28, 2001 - some minor typos corrected in the instructions for Word 2000/XP and Word 97. Latest version is still 2.01 for Word 2000/XP (103 Kb) and Word 97 (106 Kb).

Update May 27, 2001 - the installer has been updated (it now makes a backup of the Normal template), and the instructions have also been updated and streamlined. New version is Version 2.01.

Update May 2001 - Joy! A brand new install routine is ready for download (all you have to do now is click a few buttons). The complete package (with revised instructions) will be uploaded in a few days, as will an entirely redesigned site.... The new version is for Word 97 and Word 2000/XP - there is currently no automatic installation routine for Word 95.

Word macros

Note: Word users - make sure you download the appropriate set of macros. Remember that Word 95 = Word 7, and that Word 97 = Word 8. If you are uncertain which version of Word you have, just have a look at the screen that appears when the application loads.

Note to those who have recently upgraded from Word 6/7/95 to Word 97, Word 2000 or Word XP (=2002): download the new macros as Word's attempts to convert the macros automatically do not work.

Function: the main function of these macros is to facilitate the addition of accents, breathings, and iota subscripts. A brief description is given on the Utilities page. For Word 95 and above, a number of other features are included: Download the macros

Wordperfect macros

Important note: I no longer have access to any version of WordPerfect, so I am unable to help with any queries that may arise. I have also been unable to update the macros for any version of WP later than 7.0. Should I have the opportunity and the time to update them, new versions will be posted here.

Macros for fonts with the WinGreek encoding
WordPerfect Macros for the WP Greek font

These macros for WP 6.1/7.0 allow the WP Greek character set (accessed via Insert Character or CTRL W) to beentered directly from the keyboard, and then given accents, breathings and iota subscripts.
Note: Other macros for the WP Greek, Hebrew, and Cyrillic character set, for both DOS and Windows versions of WP, are available from Willem Smouter's homepage. These are also freeware, and very easy to install.

This particular page was last updated on July 28, 2001

If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to email me at matthew.robinson@balliol.ox.ac.uk.