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--- Classical Greek Fonts and Utilities ---

-- The Fonts --

This page contains a selection of shareware polytonic Greek fonts, in WinGreek and Unicode encodings. A one-line sample of each font is given below, at a font size of 12pt, followed by the file-size of the font.
The fonts are currently divided into four groups, according to their encoding system.

Group One - WinGreek Compatible Fonts

Euro compatible - Compatible with the Euro : not Euro compatible - not Euro compatible : Symbol font - Symbol font
WinGreek, v2 Symbol font WinGreek, version 2 (WinGreek encoding system) 1-line sample [349 Kb]
WinGreek, v1 Not euro compatible WinGreek, version 1 (WinGreek encoding system) 1-line sample [349 Kb]
OldFace Anglo Euro compatible Greek Old Face Anglo (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [33 Kb]
Milan Not euro compatible Milan Greek (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [34 Kb]
Standard Standard Greek (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [102 Kb]
Angaros Angaros  (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [19 Kb]
Korinthus Korinthus (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [121 Kb]
Korinthus New Korinthus New(WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [121 Kb]
Grecs du roi Grecs du roi (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [41 Kb]
Kalos Kalos Greek (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [link]
Grammata Grammata (WinGreek encoding) 1-line sample [280 Kb]

Fonts whose names appear in blue are also (or only) available packaged with a utility.

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Group Two - Unicode Fonts

All unicode fonts are Euro-compatible, and require Word 97 or higher
These fonts are not compatible with WordPerfect 9 or below
Follow this link for more information on Unicode

Fonts whose names appear in blue are also (or only) available packaged with a utility.

Note: The shareware version of Antioch comes with the Vusillus font below - however, registered users can receive an additional set of high quality Unicode Greek fonts - samples of which are available on the Utilities page or here - as well as a version of Vusillus with an upright Roman script.

Vusillus - see note Vusillus Unicode Roman 1-line sample [804Kb]
Vusillus Unicode Greek 1-line sample
Athena Athena Unicode Roman 1-line sample [74Kb]
Athena Unicode Greek 1-line sample
Silver Humana Silver Humana Unicode Roman 1-line sample [link]
Silver Humana Unicode Greek 1-line sample
Aisa Greek -- contains no Roman font -- [link]
Aisa Unicode Greek 1-line sample
MG Old Times UC MG Times Unicode Roman 1-line sample [link]
MG Times Unicode Greek 1-line sample
Cardo Cardo Roman 1-line sample [link]
Cardo Greek 1-line sample
Caslon Caslon Roman 1-line sample [link]
Caslon Greek 1-line sample
Monospace Monospace Roman 1-line sample [link]
Monospace Greek 1-line sample
Porson Porson Roman 1-line sample [35Kb]
Porson Greek 1-line sample
Titus Cyberbit Basic Titus Cyberbit Roman 1-line sample [link]
Titus Cyberbit Greek 1-line sample
Code 2000 Code 2000 Roman 1-line sample [1164Kb]
Code 2000 Greek 1-line sample
Alphabetum Alphabetum Roman 1-line sample [1701Kb (Demo v.5)]
Alphabetum Greek 1-line sample

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This particular page was last updated on June 5, 2003

If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to email me at matthew.robinson@balliol.ox.ac.uk.