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--- Classical Greek Fonts and Utilities ---

-- The Fonts: Group Two 12 pt four-line samples --

Group Two - Unicode fonts - Larger Samples


NOTE: You will find that with many of the fonts below I have added links to Patrick Rourke's page on fonts and to Alan Wood's page on fonts. Both of these sites provide a wealth of Unicode resources, and provide more detailed information about the various character sets contained within the fonts.

List of fonts
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Vusillus -- by Ralph Hancock   --  space  -- [Download (804 Kb) as part of Antioch 1.13b]

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Vusillus Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Vusillus notes: Vusillus is included as part of the Antioch package described here. Registered users of Antioch can request a version of the font with upright Roman text for free - as well as a set of additional (and high quality) Unicode Greek fonts:

Vusillus (upright) Vusillus Old Face Roman - upright version (1-line sample)
Garamond Classical Garamond Classical (Unicode) 1-line sample
GR Cambridge GR Cambridge (Unicode) 1-line sample
GR Century Schoolbook GR Century Schoolbook (Unicode) 1-line sample
GR Lucida Sans GR Lucida Sans (Unicode) 1-line sample
GR Oxford GR Oxford (Unicode) 1-line sample
GR Times GR Times (Unicode) 1-line sample
GR Uncial GR Uncial (Unicode) 1-line sample

Vusillus URLs:
Vusillus download: must be downloaded as part of Antioch 1.13b (804 Kb)

Athena Unicode -- by Jeffrey Rusten with Ralph Hancock   --  space  -- [Download (74 Kb)]

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Athena Unicode Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Athena notes: The original Athena font (Athena Roman) was withdrawn from circulation. This is the new version (Athena Unicode), retooled by Ralph Hancock.

Athena URLs:
Athena download: Download Athena Unicode (74 kb)

Silver Humana   --  space  -- [Available separately and included with TLG Workplace]

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Silver Humana Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Silver Humana notes: This font is included with Silver Mountain Software's TLG Workplace. It can also be purchased as separately as part of a commercial font package - details can be found in the help file included with the Silver Mountain Software shareware fonts (271 Kb).

Silver Humana URLs:
Silver Humana download: See www.silvermnt.com for more details (and a demo) of TLG Workplace.

Aisa Greek   --  space  -- [Available as part of Multikey]

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Aisa Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Aisa Greek notes: This font (which has no Roman script) is available as part of the free utility Multikey.

Aisa Greek URLs:
Aisa Greek download: You can download Multikey at http://www.oeaw.ac.at/kal/multikey/

MG Old Times UC   --  space  -- [Available as part of Polytonistis]

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MG Old Times Greek 12pt 4-line sample

MG Old Times notes: This font is included with Magenta Software's utility Polytonistis (also known as Accentuator).

MG Old Times URLS:
MG Old Times download: Visit Magenta Software's Polytonistis page for more information and to download a demo.

Cardo by David Perry   --  space  -- [Download from author]

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Cardo Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Cardo notes: the font is still in beta - the current version (as of 24 July 2002) is 0.56. More details can be found on David Perry's Cardo page - see below for details.

Cardo URLs:
Cardo download: Visit the Cardo page for more information and to download the font.

Caslon by George Williams   --  space  -- [Download from author]

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Caslon Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Caslon notes: see George Williams' Caslon page for details.

Caslon URLs:
Caslon download: Visit the Caslon page for more details and to download the font.

Monospace by George Williams   --  space  -- [Download from author]

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Monospace Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Monospace notes: see George Williams' Monospace page for details.

Monospace URLs:
Monospace download: Visit the Monospace page for more details and to download the font.

Porson by Richard Spaulding   --  space  -- [Download (35 Kb)]

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Porson Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Porson notes: at the time of writing (24 July, 2002) the font is currently in beta at version 0.8

Porson URLs:
Porson download: download Porson version 0.8 (35 Kb)

Titus Cyberbit Basic   --  space  -- [Link for download]

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Titus Cyberbit Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Titus Cyberbit notes: the font, developed with Bitstream, is free for commercial use.

Titus Cyberbit URLs:
Titus Cyberbit download: http://titus.fkidg1.uni-frankfurt.de/unicode/tituut.asp

Code 2000 by James Kass   --  space  -- [Download (1,164 Kb)]

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Code 2000 Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Code 2000 notes: a substantial font, containing over 33000 glyphs. At version 1.10.

Code 2000 URLs:
Code 2000 download: Download Code 2000, version 1.10 (1,164 Kb)

Alphabetum by Juan-José Marcos   --  space  -- [Download demo of version 5.0 (1,701 Kb)]

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Alphabetum Greek 12pt 4-line sample

Alphabetum notes: a substantial font, now (version 5.0) containing over 2,400 glyphs, covering a large variety of scripts including polytonic Greek, Hebrew, Coptic, Sanskrit, Old and Middle English, metrical symbols etc. It is currently at version 5.0. A demo version (which contains a reduced character set) is available for download (1,701 Kb), and this includes manuals in both English and Spanish. Registration costs 10 GBP, 15 Euro, or 15 USD for individual users, or 45 GBP, 60 Euro, or 60 USD for educational institutions.

New in version 5.0: Alphabetum now contains an extra 500 characters for the following languages / scripts: RUNIC, GOTHIC, OLD ITALIC (Etruscan, Oscan, Umbrian, Messapic, Picene, Faliscan and Archaic Latin), IBERIC and CELTIBERIC. The next version promises Cuneiform, Linear B, and Ogham.

Alphabetum download: Download Alphabetum Demo, version 5.00 (1,701 Kb)

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