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Working with partners in London

As a global leader in knowledge exchange, enterprise and open innovation with societal impact, we are establishing UCL at the centre of a cluster of organisations that will make London the premier destination for higher education. How we engage with the city and contribute to its improvement for all who live and work here is central to this aim.

Launch of the London Framework and MoU with Camden

London city skyline
In November the Pro-Vice-Provost (London) Office launched the UCL London Framework at a virtual launch event. This core document defines the purpose of UCL London – to enhance engagement, coordinate relationships and enrich society.

The London Framework is not a prescriptive way of working, it is instead a platform to raise awareness of the excellent contributions UCL makes to London through our departments and faculties, and to form a targeted way to identify new opportunities to amplify our impact in London.

One of our goals is to develop genuinely reciprocal, long-term relationships with our local communities. A fantastic example is the London Borough of Camden with whom we have created a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). UCL and Camden already have so many aligned initiatives, and through the MoU we aim to increase the potential for new collaborations, explore funding opportunities and increase the exposure of the partnership with the intention to develop similar agreements with neighbouring boroughs.


Free legal advice for the vulnerable during COVID-19

Male student giving legal advice to elderly woman
In our role to promote and contribute to social equity in London, we applaud the work of UCL’s Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ). Established in 2013 in Stratford, Newham, the centre provides free expert legal advice on social welfare issues, supported by students from UCL’s Faculty of Laws. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic the centre has transformed into a remote service – a lifeline of support for vulnerable adults in the area significantly impacted by the pandemic, and to many others further afield who have sought help online. The team have created a one-stop guide for the local community in Newham, improving access to critical services and support needed.

Working with Camden to tackle COVID-19

Covid-19 wayfinding signage on campus
The UCL Bloomsbury campus is based in Camden meaning many staff and students live locally. With students arriving last September we had a key responsibility to align our approach with the London Borough of Camden, to share safety messages in response to COVID-19 and contribute to the ‘Keep London Safe’ campaign.

In November UCL opened a publicly-accessible COVID-19 testing centre. Through partnership with London Borough of Camden and the Department of Health and Social Care, it exemplifies our engagement with London and how we support our local community.

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