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Sharing our work with the wider world

UCL was the first university in England open to all, irrespective of race, religion or gender. We remain committed to raising aspiration and improving access to education. We recognise and act on our responsibility to share our work with wider society, proactively engaging in dialogue with communities to ensure relevancy in our activities.

Provost’s Public Engagement Awards 2020

Woman performing at beatboxing event
From a community garden in Harlesdon to innovative wheelchairs in Kenya, the winning projects in this year’s Public Engagement Awards exemplify the extraordinary diversity of UCL research and the breadth of talents that our academics bring to the world.

One of six winners of over 40 nominations was Beatboxing after Laryngectomy led by Dr Evangelos Himonides (Institute of Education) with charity Shout at Cancer. The charity specialises in speech training with music after laryngectomy, the surgical removal of the voice box due in most cases to cancer. 

Together they enlisted the help of a national champion and involved local young people to find that beatboxing which celebrates the creation of novel sounds, was the perfect medium to share positivity around the voice in all its forms. This form of ‘creative rehabilitation’ has been seen as a beacon of hope for the laryngectomy community. We are so proud to see the communities that have developed around this and all the projects awarded this year.

Learn more about the awards, and see 2020 winners, on the UCL Culture website.


The Bartlett Promise

female student at computer
We need innovative ideas from diverse backgrounds to shape the wold around us. At The Bartlett, UCL’s Faculty of the Built Environment, we promise to improve access to the built environment professions so that the industry is reflective of our multicultural society. We launched The Bartlett Promise Scholarship in 2020, to address this need. A programme with a mission to diversify our student body by supporting talented students regardless of their means.

Ocean physicist delivers Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures

Dr Helen Czerski with co-presenters on black background
In December 2020, Dr Helen Czerski (UCL Mechanical Engineering) was one of three scientists chosen to deliver the Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures, broadcast on national television on the theme of ‘a user’s guide to Planet Earth’. Helen’s lecture shared her research on the Earth’s heating and plumbing systems, showing how shifting ocean water distributes heat and nutrients around our planet.




UCL East programme responds to COVID-19 community needs

One Newham volunteer and community network

Our new campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London will be the biggest expansion to the university since its foundation in 1826, giving us the opportunity to engage in exciting new partnerships with neighbouring communities. 

Listen & Respond sought to address issues resulting from Covid-19 by partnering academics from across UCL with voluntary and community sector organisations local to UCL East. The resulting rapid response projects funded by UCL Culture focused on issues including money advice, childcare support, access to green space and mental health. The organisers are now developing an online ‘Matching Platform’ to facilitate further collaborations between UCL academics and local communities.

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