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Sole2Soul Fitness class

Starts: Oct 16, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Exercise Workshop

Starts: Jun 16, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Our Workshops

Relaxation Workshop

This workshop will give you a chance to experience and learn different relaxation techniques and think about how these can be used when feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.  

You will have a chance to experience Controlled breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Visualisation.

*As this workshop is a collaboration between iCope Psychological Therapies and UCL Student Psychological Services, personal data will be shared between these services.


One off session 

Thursday 25th May  -12pm to 2pm

Location: Room 104, No 3 Taviton Street

Please click here to register.

Academic Stress Group

This workshop will provide a chance to learn more about stress and where it comes from, as well as tools and techniques (based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help manage better.  The workshop will particularly focus on how to cope better with academic stress and ways to improve psychological wellbeing. 

15 participants max


One off session

18th May from 12pm to 2pm


Room 104, No 3 Taviton Street

Please register here by clicking here

DSDP - Building Up Emotional Strength as a Researcher

Please note this workshop is only open to Research Students.

This workshop uses proven techniques to help you build up your strength and resilience by changing the way you think about your difficulties. Some degrees of resilience is an essential ingredient in coping with life.

 It is not just about armouring yourself to difficulties: it is about developing accurate and flexible thinking, capacities for creative problem-solving and the ability to see other people's point of view and challenge your own.

 The focus of the workshop will be to try and develop these capacities by increasing your awareness of the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and through helping you to locate alternative attitudes and beliefs which can help extricate you from what can otherwise seem like difficult emotions.

Dates and Times:

5 Wednesdays from 10am to 11.30am

17th May

24th May

31st May

7th June

14th June


Room 104, 3 Taviton Street


DSDP - Managing the Anxieties of a PhD

Please note this course is open only to Research Students

There are common challenges for students doing their PhD. The decision to pursue further education can lead to a sense of isolation from family and friends and the environment of working alone can lead to feeling isolated from other PhD students. Along with this students can experience knocks to self-esteem and question their ability to see the degree though to the end.

This workshop, running over five weeks, will help students develop strategies to manage and overcome these challenges by looking at issues such as manging doubt and worry, building self-acceptance and understanding how a work/life balance can be maintained.

Dates - Times:

5 Wednesdays from 2pm to 3.30pm

17th May

24th May

31st May

7th June

14th June 

Facilitator: Dr Sonia Greenidge

Location: Room 104, No 3 Taviton Street

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