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Being@UCL: Mindfulness for Anxiety


Five sessions, Mondays 3 - 5 pm 

3rd October

10th October

17th October

24th October

31st October


If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, attention problems or any condition involving a fast-thinking anxious mind, then this Mindfulness for Anxiety workshop could be helpful for you.  Mindfulness meditation trains us to focus on the present moment, and allows us to gain insight into the mental patterns that can cause negative emotions.  

It is an increasingly popular means of psychological treatment, and there is strong evidence to demonstrate that it can be particularly helpful for those who experience anxiety.  In this five-week workshop you will learn how to improve your focus and concentration levels, and to lower bodily stress and increase relaxation.

Commitment to the full 5 weekly sessions is essential, as is the diligent undertaking of daily life meditation tasks between sessions. Only those people who are willing to make the commitment to all sessions, and to complete the between session tasks should attend. 


Doctoral School - Getting the Most Out of Your Supervisory Relationship

  • Ever felt you just couldn’t get it right?
  • Had a question you were too afraid to ask?
  • Said ‘yes’ when you really meant ‘no way!’?

This workshop, led by UCL Student Psychological Services, offers research students an opportunity to acquire skills that will enable them to get more from a supervisory relationship and so increase self-confidence and levels of achievement.

We will look at:

  1. ways to approach difficulties in the supervisory relationship
  2. how to challenge unrealistic expectations in yourself or your Supervisor
  3. what can make supervision more effective and enjoyable

Date and Time:

Monday 7th November  - 10am to 4pm


Room 104, 3 Taviton Street

Please note this workshop is not open to undergraduates.


Doctoral School - Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness' or increased 'Awareness' lies at the very heart of meditational practice. Although traditionally associated with eastern spirituality, mindfulness can be practiced by people from all walks of life.  The cultivation of 'mindfulness' as a sensory quality, facilitates a new way of 'being' and can have highly significant effects on the way we experience life both internally and externally.  

This clear sense of 'seeing' can allow us to make friends with our thinking mind and in some cases transcend it.  Such practice can bring about a deep sense of inner peace and a fresh acceptance of reality itself.  Mindfulness heightens your ability to focus and greatly improves concentration levels, which may be of great use in academia as well as life in general.

This innovative programme will take place over six weekly sessions, each of 1.5 hours duration. 

This programme will help you to:

• improve your focus and concentration levels

• explore the nature of how your mind works

• explore how your mind creates unhealthy thought processes

• achieve a robust and healthy mind, accept reality and the world around you

• work towards acceptance of unhealthy emotions

• achieve a deep sense of calm, patience and stillness

• grow and mature as a true human being

This will be particularly helpful for students experiencing depression, anxiety or any condition involving a highly ruminative fast-thinking mind.

Dates and times:

5 Tuesdays from 2pm to 3.30pm 

15th November

22nd November

29th November

6th December

13th December


Room 104, No 3 Taviton Street

Please note this workshop is not open to undergraduates


Doctoral School - Building Up Emotional Strength as a Researcher

This workshop uses proven techniques to help you build up your strength and resilience by changing the way you think about your difficulties. Some degrees of resilience is an essential ingredient in coping with life.

 It is not just about armouring yourself to difficulties: it is about developing accurate and flexible thinking, capacities for creative problem-solving and the ability to see other people's point of view and challenge your own.

 The focus of the workshop will be to try and develop these capacities by increasing your awareness of the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and through helping you to locate alternative attitudes and beliefs which can help extricate you from what can otherwise seem like difficult emotions.

Dates and Times:

5 Wednesdays from 9.30am to 11am

16th November

23rd November

30th November

7th December

14th December


Room 104, 3 Taviton Street

Please note that this workshop is not open to undergraduates


Doctoral School - Adjusting to Life as a Research Student - Settling to a Doctorate

Do you feel you have settled to life as a graduate student undertaking a research degree?

This can sometimes be a stressful experience.  There can be problems of isolation, self esteem, and issues around the relationship with your supervisor.  Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a work-life balance, or to keep the intellectual momentum flowing.  

This course offers a chance to reflect on difficulties you may be encountering and to get together with other students to share experiences and brainstorm some solutions.   

Dates and Times:

2 Wednesdays - 2pm to 3.30pm

23rd November

30th November


Room 104, 3 Taviton Street

Please note that this workshop is not open to undergraduates


Doctoral School - Confidence Building

An underlying lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem can undermine academic performance and the ability to communicate effectively with fellow students, colleagues and academic staff. It can also make it difficult to value and use the skills which you already possess.

The workshop will be participatory in style. You will explore your confidence issues with the other course members as well as learn and practice a variety of tools and skills. These will include the use of cognitive behavioural and mindfulness techniques to tackle the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours which can impact on self –esteem. Each student will learn how to identify and work towards a small goal for change over the course. There will also be homework each week (about 1hr). The skills you will learn can then be used to tackle further goals for change in the future.

This five week programme will help you :

  • Identify and build on your strengths.
  • Highlight unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving which undermine self-confidence.
  • Practice new ways of thinking and behaving which promote self confidence.
  • Get together in a safe and confidential environment with others who are experiencing similar difficulties.

In order to build a safe and supportive environment for the course, it is important that you come to the workshop on time and attend all five sessions. 

Dates and Times:

5 Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm 

17th November

24th November

1st December

8th December

15th December


Room 104, 3 Taviton Street

Please note that this workshop is not open to undergraduates


Doctoral School - Perfectionism and the PhD Student

Perfectionism is very high amongst PhD students which can lead to either avoiding or over doing their research, reading, writing etc.

This series of workshop will help PhD student reduce their perfectionistic behaviours and enable them get on with their academic work.

Dates and Times:

5 Fridays from 2pm to 3.30pm

18th November

25th November

2nd December

9th December

16th December


Room 104, 3 Taviton Street

Please note that this workshop is not open to undergraduates