NPP Seminar Series:  2015

With thanks to the Physiological Society for their sponsorship Physiological Society Logo

Time: 1-2pm on the Wednesday date below - unless otherwise noted

Location: H.O.Schild Lecture Theatre, G46 Medical Sciences Building

Please contact our NPP seminar organizer Dr. Stefan Trapp should you wish to suggest or host speakers.

Please contact the host should you wish to meet the speaker.

11 March

Prof Alun Davies, FRS

"Wiring up the nervous system: new players from the immune system"

Host: Prof Annette C Dolphin -

25 March

Dr Sam Fountain

Dr Sam Fountain at the University of East Anglia

"The ins and outs of P2X receptors for ATP"

Host: Dr Brian King -

15 April

Prof Frances Ashcroft, FRS

"From bench to bedside: how activating KATP channel mutations cause neonatal diabetes"

Host:  Dr. Stefan Trapp -

20 May

Prof Chris Miller

"A weird ion channel for a weird ion: Fluoride resistance in microorganisms"

Host: Professor David Attwell -

1 July

Prof Vitaly Klyachko

"BK channels and synaptic transmission"

Host: Professor Annette Dolphin -