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Pharmacology BSc

Pharmacology is the science of how chemical substances interact with our bodies. Pharmacologists work on everything from the development of new medicines to understanding the effects of poisons.

Pharmacology BSc Degree Overview

Pharmacology is a fast-moving, exciting subject and UCL remains world-leading in this discipline. 

The subject of Pharmacology is immensely broad and covers areas of physiology, chemistry, neuroscience, biochemistry, and genetics. 

Our programme provides in-depth training in both practical skills and theory. Our students benefit from the expertise in many areas of pharmacology such as neuropharmacology and immunopharmacology.

This flexible three-year programme offers a thorough training in the subject and students retain the option of applying to transfer to the Pharmacology MSci at the end of year two.

Course benefits

  • The subject of Pharmacology is wide-ranging and some of your modules will be taken with other Life Sciences students and will draw on expertise from across the faculty.

  • In your final year, you will have the opportunity to join a world-leading research team to carry out your own research project, working side-by-side with some of the most outstanding scientists in the field.

  • Enjoy modern, state-of-the-art facilities, that are located adjacent to the Medical Research Council's Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, allowing for collaborative final-year projects.

  • The programme not only provides detailed knowledge of the subject but also trains you in planning, executing and analysing scientific projects and in quantitative and analytical skills, equipping you with a versatility that will be attractive to future employers.

Career Opportunities

Graduation from our programme creates excellent employment opportunities in professional and managerial jobs.

As with any science degree, our graduates move into many types of employment including financial and managerial professions, scientific publishing, journalism, law and health administration (e.g., the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA)).

Unlike many degrees, there is a related industry involving drug safety, drug research, drug sales and patent law.

If you are interested in laboratory research, you could progress to a postgraduate research degree (PhD) leading to further opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, government research institutes, hospital laboratories, forensic science or university-based research.

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What is it like to study Pharmacology at UCL?

The Pharmacology degree at UCL is a small, selective programme taking only ~30 students each year to maintain a good staff-student ratio and a warm and friendly atmosphere. For intellectually curious students we are able to offer a truly world-class experience in one of the most exciting areas of modern science.