Prof Maria Fitzgerald

Prof Maria Fitzgerald




  • Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
    Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology
    Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL


1. The neurobiological processes which underlie the development of pain pathways (i) the maturation of central excitatory and inhibitory synaptic responses in postnatal dorsal horn and brain stem (ii) the development of central processes underlying hyperalgesia and allodynia (iii) mechanisms underlying analgesic action in immature pain pathways (iv) neuroimmune interactions and central plasticity underlying nerve damage and neuropathic pain in infancy (v) the long term consequences of early life pain and injury upon adult somatosensory and pain processing 2. The developmental neurophysiology of pain in infants and children (i) cortical, brainstem and spinal pain processing in infants and children (ii) EEG and NIRS analysis of cortical pain activity in preterm infants in intensive care (iii) procedural and postoperative hyperalgesia and allodynia in human infants (iv) long term consequences of infant pain and injury on sensory processing and pain behaviours in older children and adults (v) clinical investigations and trials of analgesic efficacy in infants
Award year Qualification Institution
1978 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
University College London
1975 BA Hons
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Physiological Science
University of Oxford
Behaviour|*|Brain|*|Brain slice physiology|*|Cell culture|*|Chronic pain syndromes|*|Connectivity|*|Development|*|Electroencephalography (EEG)|*|Electromyography|*|Electrophysiological recording techniques|*|Electrophysiology|*|Extracellular recording - acute|*|Fluorescence microscopy techniques|*|Gene expression|*|Gene expression profiling - tissue level|*|Immunohistochemistry|*|In vivo electroporation, ionophoresis and microinj|*|Inflammation|*|Interneurons|*|Intracellular recording|*|Lesion analysis|*|Light microscopic techniques|*|Microarrays|*|Microglia|*|Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)|*|Networks|*|Neural signalling|*|Neuroanatomical approaches|*|Neuroanatomy|*|Neuroscience|*|Pain|*|Pain - chronic|*|Pain-related behaviour analysis|*|Perception|*|Pharmacology|*|Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)|*|Retrograde and anterograde tracer|*|Spinal cord|*|Synapse|*|Synaptic plasticity|*|The neural development of pain processing