The Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology has 47 full-time Academic Staff, 81 full-time research staff, 22 support (technical, administrative, secretarial) staff and 64 postgraduate research students. 

The Department participates in various 4 yr PhD programmes and is home to the Wellcome Trust 4yr PhD programme in Neuroscience. These are supplemented by a number of 3-year and CASE Industrial 4-year PhD studentship awards from the MRC, the BBSRC, UK charities and the EU.

Academic Staff


Lab Page  UCL IRIS Profile 
Schild Professor of Pharmacology and Head of Department Trevor G. Smart LAB
Trevor G. Smart IRIS
Bernard Katz Professor of Biophysics Jonathan Ashmore LAB
Jonathan Ashmore IRIS
Jodrell Professor of Physiology David Attwell LAB
David Attwell IRIS
Professor of Cell Physiology Shamshad Cockcroft LAB
Shamshad Cockcroft IRIS
Gaddum Chair of Pharmacology and Professor of Neuroscience Stuart G. Cull-Candy LAB
Stuart G. Cull-Candy IRIS
Professor of Neuropharmacology Anthony H. Dickenson LAB
Anthony H. Dickenson IRIS
Professor of Pharmacology Annette C. Dolphin LAB
Annette C. Dolphin IRIS
Professor of Neuroscience Mark Farrant LAB Mark Farrant IRIS
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology Maria Fitzgerald LAB
Maria Fitzgerald IRIS
Professor of Experimental Neuroscience John Garthwaite LAB (at WIBR, NPP affiliate) John Garthwaite IRIS
Professor of Pharmacology
Alasdair J. Gibb LAB 
Alasdair J. Gibb IRIS
Professor of Physiology
Alexander Gourine LAB  and Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Neuroscience
Alexander Gourine IRIS 
Professor of Neuroscience Michael Hausser LAB (at WIBR, NPP affiliate)
Michael Hausser IRIS
Professor of Neuroscience
Giandomenico Iannetti LAB
Giandomenico Iannetti IRIS
Professor of Molecular Neurobiology Josef Kittler LAB Josef Kittler IRIS
Professor of Nephrology
Robert Kleta Royal Free and NPP Honorary
Robert Kleta IRIS
Professor of Neuroscience
Troy Margrie LAB (at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, NPP affiliate) Troy Margrie IRIS
Professor of Molecular Pharmacology Neil Millar LAB
Neil Millar IRIS
Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biology Steve Moss (at Tufts, NPP affiliate)

Professor of  Neurophysiology Paola Pedarzani LAB
Paola Perdazani IRIS
Professor of Systems Pharmacology
Andy Ramage LAB and
Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Neuroscience
Andy Ramage IRIS
Professor of Cellular Neurobiology
Patricia Salinas LAB (CDB, NPP affiliate)
Patricia Salinas IRIS
Professor of Neuroscience
Andreas Schaefer (joint with The Francis Crick Institute)
Andreas Schaefer IRIS
Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Neurobiology Ralf Schoepfer LAB
Ralf Schoepfer IRIS
Professor of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Talvinder S. Sihra LAB Talvinder S. Sihra IRIS
Professor of Neuroscience and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow  R. Angus Silver LAB
Robin Angus Silver IRIS
A J Clark Professor of Pharmacology Lucia Sivilotti LAB Lucia Sivilotti IRIS
Professor of Translational Neuropharmacology S. Clare Stanford LAB
S. Clare Stanford IRIS
Professor of Molecular Neurobiology and Head of the Molecular Nociception Group John Wood LAB (at WIBR, NPP affiliate)
John Wood IRIS
Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience Christopher H. Yeo LAB
Christopher H. Yeo IRIS
Reader in Neuroscience
Marco Beato LAB 
Marco Beato IRIS 
Reader in Neuroscience
Francesca Cacucci LAB
 Francesca Cacucci IRIS
Reader in Neurophysiology
Frances Edwards LAB
Frances Edwards IRIS
Reader in Neuroscience
Jennifer Linden (Ear Institute, NPP affiliate)
Jennifer Linden IRIS
Reader in Neuroscience Guy Moss LAB
Guy Moss IRIS
Reader in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Martin Stocker LAB
Martin Stocker IRIS
Reader in Autonomic Neuroscience and Metabolic Disease

Stefan Trapp LAB and

Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Neuroscience

Stefan Trapp IRIS
Senior Lecturers/ Lecturers    
  Jonathan Fry LAB
Jonathan Fry IRIS
Brian King LAB Brian King IRIS
  Joanne Marks
Joanne Marks IRIS
  Paola Vergani LAB
Paola Vergani IRIS
Dean Willis LAB Dean Willis IRIS
Anselm Zdebik LAB Anselm Zdebik IRIS
Research Fellows

  Isaac Bianco LAB
Isaac Bianco IRIS 
  Matthew Gold LAB
Matthew Gold IRIS
  Andrew Macaskill LAB
Andrew Macaskill IRIS
Principal Research Fellow
Tara Keck LAB
Tara Keck IRIS
Senior Teaching Fellows   Ian Edwards IRIS
    Martina Wicklein IRIS
Principal Teaching Fellow and MSc Neuroscience Senior Tutor Andrew Batchelor LAB
Andrew Batchelor IRIS

Principal Teaching Fellow

Margaret Mayston IRIS
Director, Neuropharmacology Course (PHAR3001)
Dr. Steve Marsh
Research Professors David A. Brown LAB
David A. Brown IRIS
David Colquhoun LAB David Colquhoun IRIS