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Visiting Student Electives

Electives for Visiting Students at UCL Medical School

UCL Medical School welcomes both international and UK medical students to our electives programme. The aim of this programme is to enable visiting students to pursue in depth an area of their own interest, and to gain experience of clinical practice in the UK healthcare system.

Our electives placements are clinical and so involve hands-on contact with patients. Objectives are agreed in discussion with the supervising clinician when a student takes up their placement. Timetables are scheduled flexibly to include relevant ward rounds, clinical meetings, teaching sessions and seminars (where scheduled), with the opportunity to learn about clinical procedures, at the discretion of the supervising clinician. Elective placements at UCL enable visiting students to broaden their clinical method and management experience, refine their communication and analytic skills, and continue their professional development. Visiting students have the same rights, duties and responsibilities as our own medical students, however we cannot guarantee that specific aims and objectives relating to the core curricula of the home institution will be fulfilled.

Elective students should have completed a minimum of 3 years of their medical degree programme, excluding an intercalated BSc, and 12 months or more of clinical training.

Elective placements may be spent in the academic divisions of the School of Life and Medical Sciences or clinical directorates within the associated teaching hospitals: University College London Hospitals; The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust; and The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Electives are offered for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks during medical school term dates: 1) September to December, 2) January to April and 3) May to July. Electives are not available in August. Only one elective period may be spent at UCL by any student.

Students from outside the EU require a Tier 4 visa to enter the UK to take up a clinical elective placement.

We have designed our visiting student application process to be as straightforward as possible, seeking to maximise the educational and training value of placements for you, while complying with regulatory and, where applicable, visa requirements. The following sections detail each element of the process. Please keep in mind that many of the requirements for applicants arise from regulations beyond UCL Medical School’s control. Timelines and deadlines have been designed to maximise our opportunity to match your interests to a placement, while ensuring that there is sufficient time to resolve queries arising from your application, and minimise the risk that approval cannot be granted or, when required, a visa can be obtained in time for you to take up a placement.

All administration and correspondence is by email to: medsch.visitingelectives@ucl.ac.uk

2018-19 Timetable

Placements within these dates Applications open
BLOCK 1 03 September 2018 – 21 December 2018 15 December 2017
BLOCK 2 07 January 2019 – 12 April 2019 05 March 2018
BLOCK 3 29 April 2019 – 26 July 2019 04 June 2018

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Self-organised electives arranged directly with NHS Trust clinicians or UCL Academic Divisions and Institutes
Electives at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)
Electives organised through Divisions and Institutes
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