UCL Library Services


Guidelines on handling material and using Special Collections

Researchers in the Library's Special Collections are required to abide by the following guidelines and rules. They must sign the Undertaking which follows as a condition of access. The Library reserves the right to refuse access.

  1. Researchers are responsible for all material issued to them and must be careful at all times when handling original manuscripts, archives, and fragile printed works.
  2. Researchers are required to use lead pencil only when taking notes.
  3. Requisitions for manuscripts and archives must be applied for on the tickets provided which the applicant must sign.
  4. No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the Reading Room.
  5. Permission to examine original material does not include permission to publish, which must be applied for separately.
  6. The archivist reserves the right to refuse access to certain classes of materials including intrinsically fragile items and items undergoing conservation treatment or in an exhibition.
  7. All bags to be placed in the lockers provided. No items to be left in lockers overnight.