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The list focuses on the key databases likely to be of interest to Queen Square users - each one allows you to search for keywords and identify articles that have been published in your area of interest. UCLH users can also link to databases via Healthcare Evidence Resources (for UCLH intranet users only).

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BNI: British Nursing Index

BNI indexes articles from over 400 English language nursing & allied health journals published in the UK, covering all aspects of nursing, midwifery and community healthcare. View database guides.

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CINAHL: Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health

CINAHL indexes over 1200 publications from 1982 onwards, covering topics like: health education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, technology therapy, social service/health care, emergency services. CINAHL also includes some books, dissertations, and conference proceedings. View database guides.

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Cochrane Library

Cochrane Library indexes high-quality evidence to inform healthcare decision-making and includes the full text of Cochrane Reviews, systematic reviews on a wide range of healthcare topics. View database guides.

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DynaMed Plus

Dynamed Plus is a clinical decision support tool for use at the point-of-care (similar to UpToDate). It provides a syntheses of evidence for over 3200 topics. View the DynaMed Plus online user guide.

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Embase indexes over 4600 journals from 1980 onwards, covering drugs & toxicology, clinical medicine, biotechnology and bioengineering, psychiatry, forensic medicine. View database guides.

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Medline indexes over 5500 journals from 1946 onwards, covering medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care system and pre-clinical sciences. View database guides.

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NHS Evidence

NHS Evidence provides a basic tool to search guidelines and other documents from NICE and other health organisations. NHS Evidence also links to databases such as Medline & CINAHL (links are listed separately on this page) for more extensive searches. View database guides.

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PsycInfo indexes over 2000 publications from 1872 onwards, covering psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. PsycInfo also includes some books and dissertations. View database guides.

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Scopus indexes over 16000 journals from 1996 onwards, covering science, technical, medical and social science topics and also includes patents and other web resources. Scopus also allows for citation tracking. View database guides.

Access routes:

  • UCL access to Scopus - no login is required within the UCL network; off-site access requires a UCL account. When working offsite, follow these steps:

    • click Login in the top right-hand corner
    • click Athens/Other Institution Login
    • from the drop-down menu Select your region or group
    • select UK Access Management Federation
    • select UCL (University College London) & you will be directed to the normal UCL electronic resources login page where you should enter your UCL account details
  • NHS access to Scopus - available via UCL's walk-in service.

WoS: Web of Science

WoS offers a range of databases including: Science Citation Index which indexes over 5500 journals from 1945 onwards, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biochemistry, biology, medicine, neuroscience, oncology, pharmacology, psychiatry. WoS also offers Conference Proceedings Citation Index, covering conference literature from 1990 onwards. WoS also allows for citation tracking. View database guides.

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