Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care


Our work ranges across five research departments and associated MRC Units, spanning across the life-course from childhood to old age, focusing on:

  • Understanding the determinants of health & disease in populations & in patients in clinical settings
  • Evaluating strategies for the prevention & treatment of physical ill health
  • Teaching and capacity building in population health

The Institute is part of the School of Life and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Population Health Sciences and houses the following research departments:

CHIME Centre for Health Informatics & Multi-professional Education Whittington
EPH Epidemiology & Public Health Bloomsbury
IPH Infection & Population Health Bloomsbury & Royal Free
PCPH Primary Care & Population Health Bloomsbury & Royal Free
DAHR Department of Applied Health Research Bloomsbury
MRC Lifelong Health and Ageing Unit at UCL  Bloomsbury

Following the above links to each of the research departments that form the Institute will allow you to see how:

  • Our chronic disease Epidemiology focuses on the social and biological determinants of health, particularly in cardiovascular disease, and its Public Health implications
  • We undertake research in Primary Care to improve health outcomes
  • In the field of Infectious Disease in Populations we investigate the transmission and control of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI's), ’flu and tuberculosis
  • We have strong research and teaching profile in Information and quality management to support clinical practice. We participate in many national and international interdisciplinary collaborations, and a large portfolio of research linked to UCL’s Global Health Initiative.
Institute Director Professor Andrew Steptoe
Institute Manager & Research Administration Lead (Bloomsbury, Mortimer Market Centre) Richard Marsh
Institute Finance Lead (Royal Free) Marcella MacCann  
Institute Human Resources Lead (Bloomsbury, 1-19 Torrington Place) Terri Charrier

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