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George Letsas, Co-Director of the Institute, Returns from Sabbatical Year

28 August 2012

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Dr Letsas had a very productive academic year in the USA. During his sabbatical, he visited New York University (NYU) as a Senior Global Emile Noel Fellow. During this time he gave talks at NYU, Georgetown University, Duke University, University of Oslo, Yale University and the University of Ghent, and completed a number of research papers. At NYU, Dr Letsas worked on a paper on ‘Proportionality and Balancing’, which he presented to the NYU Faculty in April 2012. He also spoke at the NYU Colloquium on Global and Comparative Public Law on ‘Harmonic Law: The Case Against Pluralism’. At Georgetown, he presented a paper (with Prince Saprai) on ‘Private Law and Moral Myopia’ (September 2011). At Duke University, Dr Letsas spoke at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, on ‘Dialogue, Deference and the Legitimacy of International Courts’ (November 2011). At the University of Oslo, he spoke on evolutive interpretation of human rights treaties (November 2011).  At the University of Ghent, he spoke at a two-day conference on ‘Scope, Rights and Balancing’ (March 2012). At Yale University, Dr Letsas was invited to present a paper at the Annual meeting of the Analytic Legal Philosophy Committee (ALPC), on ‘The DNA of Conventions’ (April 2012).

Upon returning to the UCL Institute for Human Rights, Dr Letsas joins Dr Mantouvalou and Dr Meckled-Garcia on the directorship of the Institute, for an exciting new year of activities.

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