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Prof Hunter-Henin delivers inaugural lecture of the UCL Religion and Diversity Seminar Series

9 December 2021

Professor Myriam Hunter-Henin delivered the first lecture in the 2021-22 UCL Research Seminar Series on Religion and Diversity, organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Dr Myriam Hunter-Henin

In her lecture, entitled “How Can Law Foster Religiously Inclusive Societies?”, Professor Myriam Hunter-Henin (Professor of Comparative Law and Law & Religion at UCL Laws) discussed the new challenges posed to religious freedom. In light of increasing instances of clashing rights, the role of law and legal actors in fostering religiously inclusive societies is often questioned both as to its feasibility and its very legitimacy.

By contrast, Professor Hunter-Henin argued that law should not abandon its aspiration to foster religiously inclusive societies since, she demonstrated, such aspiration lies at the heart of democratic liberal societies. Secondly, as to feasibility, the presentation put forward a three-step approach destined to guide legal reasoning towards that goal, without sacrificing conflicting rights.

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