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Dr Myriam Hunter-Henin and Prof Philippe Sands feature as guests on new Disruptive Voices podcast

29 March 2021

Dr Hunter-Henin and Professor Sands were guests on the first episode of the UCL Grand Challenges Disruptive Voices podcast, ‘Democracy and Place’.

myriam hunter-henin and philippe sands

UCL Laws’ Dr Myriam Hunter-Henin (Reader in Law & Religion and Comparative Law) and Professor Philippe Sands (Professor of the Public Understanding of Law) explored the role of international courts in shaping national identities and the role of individuals in the making and breaking of law.

They also examined how national public values intersect with the operations and rule of law of international courts and human rights and discussed how we can deliver justice at a ‘place-based’ level, drawing comparisons between Britain and France.

The Disruptive Voices podcast is a new series from UCL Grand Challenges. Guests from across UCL and beyond share their innovative solutions and ideas for addressing societal challenges, discussing topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective and inspiring and encouraging listeners to think differently about issues at local, national and global scales.

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