Finance and Business Affairs

Our Mission

  • To provide a modern, professional and effective financial service to all UCL stakeholders, both internal and external
  • To deliver streamlined, cost effective finance processes and be responsible for the management of UCL's financial position and strategy
  • To underpin the UCL Professional Services vision and support UCL in maintaining its position as London's Global University

Our Services

Banking, Investments & General Accounting

To provide advice and support with UK and foreign banking, credit cards, the deposit and issue of cheques and managing UCL's investments and income (including NHS)

These teams are part of the Financial Accounting department

To provide legal advice, insurance services and deal with data protection and FOI queries

Management Reporting

To provide regular reports to Finance Committee & UCL's Senior Management Team and advice on budgets and forecasting across UCL

Payments & Receipts

To provide a centralised service to pay supplier invoices, staff expenses and studentship payments and manage debt collection

These teams are part of the Financial Accounting department

Planning & Strategy

To provide a long term financial planning model and associated strategy for UCL

Procurement & Supplier Management

To provide support to departments in relation to the procurement of goods and services and to manage supplier contracts and tenders

Office for International Affairs

To provide finance support for UCL presences overseas, and for the delivery of UCL's international strategy

Research Activity

To provide assistance with research applications and financial administration of all UK & EU research grants, contracts and Studentships

Support & Guidance to Schools & Professional Services divisions

To provide dedicated support via the School and Professional Services finance teams

Student Activity

To provide assistance for students to pay tuition and examination fees and to deal with student fee debts

This team is part of the Financial Accounting department

Taxation & VAT

To provide advice and guidance relating to corporation tax, personal taxation and taxation matters relating to VAT

This team is part of the Financial Accounting department

Our Staff

The Director of Finance and Business Affairs is Phil Harding

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