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Global Disability Research Group Seminar Series

focusing on cross-disciplinary global disability research.
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Global Health (IGH) Symposia

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'1pm' Seminar Series

Date Time Venue Title Speaker
Monday 14th December 2015 1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Work-life balance, stress and depression in the Whitehall II study' Ms Sayadda Tahera Razavi  PhD student  
Friday 11th December 2015 1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Multiple psychosocial stressors in the home environment, childhood obesity and social emotional development over the first decade of life in the Millennium Cohort Study' Ms Hanna Creese PhD student  
Tuesday 10th November 2015 1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Development and evaluation of complex digital interventions for smoking cessation and cessation medication adherence – focus on smartphone apps' Ms Aleksandra Herbec PhD student  
Friday 6th November 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Alcohol drinking practices among migrants in England'  Ms Wan Ahmad Fakuradzi PhD student
Monday 26th October 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Does intergenerational social mobility affect general health, oral health and physical function among older adults in England?' Ms Alejandra Letelier Rodriguez PhD student
Friday 23rd October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Life stress, economic change and cardiovascular diseases in Central and Eastern Europe' Dr Taavi Tillman PhD student 
Friday 16th October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Examining relationships between food environments and adult obesity in Mexico using geographical information systems’ Ms Ana Elisa Pineda Valenzuela  PhD student
Friday 9th October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Development and preliminary testing of a tailored pre-treatment swallowing intervention package for patients with head and neck cancer' Ms Roganie Govender PhD student
Tuesday 6th October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'England’s post-war birth cohorts: living longer, but are they healthier?' Dr Stephen Jivraj Lecturer Health and Social Surveys Research Group
Friday 25th September 2015  10.30-11.30 G37 & G38  'The link between stress and heart disease: the role of the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoild receptors  Ms Amy Ronaldson PhD student  
Friday 11th September  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Promoting uptake of flexibile sigmoidoscopy screening'  Mr Robert Kerrison  PhD student
Monday 27th July 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Alcohol consumption across the lifecourse and lipids'  Ms Melanie Lacey PhD student  
Tuesday 14th July 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Self-reported work disability and early retirement’ Professor Omar Paccagnella, University of Padua
Friday 10th July 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 ‘Understanding use of antithrombotic therapies in England: risk prediction and outcome studies using CALIBER linked electronic health records’ Ms Laura Pasea  PhD student
Friday 26th June 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38 'Gender Equity: Greater than the sum of its parts' Dr Geordan Shannon  PhD student
Tuesday 23rd June 2015 2.30-3.30 G37 & G38 'The association between dental caries and anthropometric measures in 5-9 year old Bangladeshi children' Ms Masuma Pervin Mishu PhD student
Friday 19th June 2015 * POSTPONED 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Alcohol consumption across the lifecourse and lipids'  Ms Melanie Lacey  PhD student
Wednesday 17th June 2015 * POSTPONED 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Development of an Arabic smoking cessation smartphone application' Mr Abdallaziz Alzahrane PhD student
Friday 5th June 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Using Mendelian randomization to investigate the association between body mass index (BMI) and measures of sleep' Ms Ana Victoria Garfield  PhD student
Friday 22nd May 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 ‘Maternal Health Care Service Access to Dalit Women with Disabilities in Nepal’ Mr Hridaya Raj Devkota PhD student 
Friday 8th May 2015 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'A life course assessment of health self-management in the MRC NSHD' Ms Rebecca Woodward PhD student
Tuesday 5th May 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  ‘Health, Work and Retirement Longitudinal Study of Older New Zealanders’ Dr Mary Breheny, School of Public Health, Massey University, NZ 
Friday 17th April 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Associations between social support and weight changes in the Whitehall II study and bariatric surgery patients' Ms Urszula Tymoszuk PhD student
Friday 27th March 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Trajectories in predictors of depressive symptoms in older people using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing' Ms Sungano Chigogora PhD student  
Wednesday 25th March 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Psychosocial impact of a diagnosis of human papillomavirus oropharyngeal cancer' Ms Rachael Dodd PhD student
Friday 20th March 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors in Kazakhstan' Mr Adil Supiyev PhD student
Friday 13th March 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Lung cancer screening: attitudes, sociodemographic factors and informed uptake'  Ms Samantha Quaife PhD student 
Friday 13th February 2015  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'The effect of school socioeconomic context in interrelation with family, peer and community factors on binge drinking among Chilean adolescents'  Ms Maria Francisca Roman Mella PhD student  
Friday 6th February 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Does a good job make women happier? : Findings from the Japanese Study of Health, Occupation, and Psychosocial Factors Related Equity (J-HOPE)' Dr Maki Umeda, University of Tokyo
Friday 30th January 2015 - POSTPONED 1pm-2pm  G37 & G38 'Alcohol drinking practices among migrants in England' Ms Wan W Ahmad Fakuradzi PhD student
Friday 23rd January 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'The psychoneuroimmunology of music: modulation of psychological state, stress levels and immune response through participatory interventions' Ms Daisy Fancourt PhD student
Friday 16th January 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Non-employment, a risk factor for cognitive decline?' Ms Alison Sizer PhD student
Friday 12th December 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38 'Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease: the role of biological stress processes and psychosocial well-being'  Ms Ruth Hackett PhD student 
Wednesday 10th December 2014  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Systematic review and meta analysis of the effect of population and individual level tobacco interventions on inequalities in smoking and modelling the future impacts of these interventions' Ms Marhazlinda Jamaludin PhD student 
Friday 5th December 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'Clustering health-related behaviours and their association with subjective health outcomes using two British birth cohort studies'  Ms Claire Mawditt PhD student  
Friday 28th November 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'Leisure time physical activity across adulthood: early life factors and subsequent health outcomes'  Mr Ahmed Elhakeem PhD student
Thursday 27th November 2014  1pm2pm Galton LT  'Appetitive traits in adolescent and adult populations' Ms Claudia Hunot PhD student
Friday 7th November  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38 ‘Alcohol consumption and the risk of Type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM): the importance of drinking trajectories and the life course perspective’ Mr Craig Knott PhD student 
Friday 24th October 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'Virtual field trips as physically active lessons for children'  Ms Emma Norris  PhD student
Friday 3rd October 2014  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   ‘Psychosocial factors and cortisol sampled from hair and saliva’ Ms Bianca Serwinski PhD student
Tuesday 1st July 2014 1pm-2pm   Galton LT ‘Psychosocial Work Environment and Oral Health in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)’ Ms Esraa Aldalooj PhD student
Monday 23rd June 2014 12-1pm G37 & G38   ‘The role of appetite in regulating the quality and quantity of children’s dietary intake’ Ms Hayley Syrad PhD student
Thursday 19th June 2014 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Sleep, weight and energy intake in early childhood'  Ms Laura McDonald PhD student
Friday 6th June 2014  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'The ageing experience: perceived age discrimination, self-perceptions of ageing and cognitive function in older adults'  Ms Isla Rippon PhD student  
Friday 23rd May 2014  1pm-2pm G37 & G38  ‘Preferences for colorectal cancer screening tests’ Mr Alex Ghanouni PhD student 
Friday 9th May 2014
G37 & G38
'Marital history and physical functioning at older ages in England and the USA'
Ms Natasha Wood PhD student
Friday 25th April 2014
G37 & G38
'Exploring the discordance between self-reported and performance-based measures of physical capability'
Ms Elizabeth Wloch PhD student
Friday 11th April 2014
G37 & G38

‘Is diabetes more toxic for CVD in ethnic minorities?’
Dr Therese Tillin, Research Fellow, UCL
Institute of Cardiovascular Science
Friday 4th April 2014
 1pm-2pm G37 & G38
'Lifetime mental health and survival in a national birth cohort'
Ms Gemma Archer PhD student
Friday, 28th March 2014
 1pm-2pm G37 & G38
‘Clinical and cost-effectiveness assessment of drugs within the UK NHS – the gap between clinical trials and practice’ Mr Pritesh Bodalia PhD student
Friday, 21st March 2014
G37 & G38
'Health literacy decline during ageing: a longitudinal analysis'
Ms Lindsay Kobayashi PhD student
Wednesday, 19th March 2014
1pm-2pm G37 & G38
 'Alcohol as an issue for public health' Professor Robin Room, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre
Friday, 14th March 2014
G37 & G38
'The relationship between retirement and CVD and moderating effect of social participation: a comparison between China and England'
Ms Baowen Xue PhD student
*Thursday 6th March 2014
G37 & G38
'Examining the determinants in the time course of Atrial Fibrillation: factors affecting risk and prognosis'
Mr Joshua Wallace PhD student
*Tuesday 4th March 2014
G37 & G38
'Time trends in psychosocial disorders among young people and their explanation' Mr Andy Ross PhD student
*Thursday 27th February 2014
1pm- 2pm
G37 & G38
'An analysis of sickness absences records (for 2008-2012), ill health retirement IHR (2010-2012) and employees’ perceptions of the health and safety management systems in Abu Dhabi police’. Mr Faisal Al Khaabi PhD student
*Tuesday 25th February 2014
G37 & G38
‘Metabolically healthy obesity: associations with physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and risk of type 2 diabetes’ Mr Joshua Bell PhD student
Friday, 7th February 2014
G37 & G38
'Understanding social inequalities in cervical cancer'
Ms Elaine Douglas PhD student
*Thursday, 30th January 2014
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Projections of obesity and its health consequences in the Mexican population. Construction of a simulation model' Ms Luz Maria Sanchez Romero PhD student
*Wednesday, 29th January 2014
G37 & G38 'Heart rate and the initial presentation and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases: data from a longitudinal electronic health records study and a prospective clinical cohort' Ms Olia Archangelidi PhD student
Friday, 17th January 2014
G37 & G38
'Gender, work and domestic practices in 21st century Britain– Implications for family well-being and child development' Ms Lauren Bird PhD student
Tuesday, 7th January 2014
1pm-2pm G37 & G38
'Differential leukocyte counts and the incidence and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases in linked electronic health records’ Dr Anoop D Shah PhD student

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