The Survey of English Usage
Quarterly Newsletter
June 2012

This newsletter is part of a series of quarterly newsletters from the Survey of English Usage, intended to keep the academic community and other interested parties informed about research in the Survey. The newsletter will be sent out in March, June, September and December. The March issue is the Survey’s Annual report.


interactive Grammar of English (IGE) App

The project Mobile Device Apps: A New Channel for UCL Knowledge Transfer Activities is described on the UCL Business website as a case study.

We are working with UCL Business and a start-up company called Contentment on a re-launch of the App in the late summer. We are also developing a suite of additional Apps on spelling, punctuation, academic writing and phrasal verbs.

Creating a Web-Based Platform for English Language Teaching and Learning

After several years working on this project Dan Clayton will go back to full-time teaching at a secondary school in Essex. He will remain closely involved with the project and his school will be one of the first to pilot the website when it is released.

Blog for corpus linguistics statistics launched

A new blog, called corp.ling.stats, has been published by our senior research fellow Sean Wallis. Sean says that the idea of the blog is to provide guidance to corpus researchers on using statistics effectively and appropriately, and to encourage a broader debate in corpus linguistics about the kinds of research that may be possible with corpora. For more information go to

Seminars and presentations

Survey seminars during the spring term

On Monday 5th March, Alan Durant (Middlesex) talked about updating Raymond Williams’ Keywords. Sylvia Adamson (Sheffield) was due to discuss Grammaticalization on 14th March but her talk was cancelled due to illness. Sean Wallis (UCL) stepped in at the last minute to talk about choice in corpus experiments. We will announce the seminars for the Autumn term in due course.

Conference presentations

In April Bas Aarts presented a plenary lecture entitled New directions in language teaching using parsed corpora at the Fourth International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC2012) in Jaén, Spain.

In May Sean Wallis presented a paper entitled That vexed problem of choice at the International Computer Archive of Modern and Mediaeval English conference (ICAME 33) in Leuven, Belgium.

Bas Aarts

June 2012

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