The Survey of English Usage
Quarterly Newsletter
September 2008

The Survey of English Usage distributes quarterly newsletters, intended to keep the academic community and others informed about its research activities. The newsletter is sent out in March, June, September and December. The March issue is incorporated in the Survey’s Annual report.


There are now updated entries for ‘The Survey of English Usage’ and ‘The International Corpus of English’ on Wikipedia. The relevant links are shown below.

The ICE-GB corpus is now available for use by scholars and the general public in the British Library.

We welcome two visiting Japanese scholars to the Survey. Shu Kawasaki, from Tokyo, arrived at the end of July and has been using the Survey’s resources to carry out his research on the semantics and pragmatics of grammatical constructions. Kei Mihara, from Kinki University, will be working during the coming year on adjectives, using graded readers and film scripts.


The following research seminars will take place in the Autumn term:

30 October 2008 4pm Lesley Moss

Counting complexity: the development of Henry James’s style

Foster Court Room 235

12 November 2008 4pm Sean Wallis

Capturing linguistic interaction in a grammar: a method for empirically evaluating the grammar of a parsed corpus

Foster Court Room 235

All welcome!

Fifty years of the Survey of English Usage
ICLCE 3 Conference
Fiftieth anniversary

In 2009 the Survey will be celebrating its 50th birthday with a one-day symposium on the theme Current Change in the English Verb Phrase. The symposium will precede the ICLCE3 conference (see below for further details).

The Third International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (ICLCE3)

Bas Aarts and Jo Close, together with Devyani Sharma and Jenny Cheshire at Queen Mary, University of London, are organising the Third International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (ICLCE3) at the Institute of English Studies from 15-17 July 2009.

The attention devoted to the linguistics of the English language has resulted in a broad body of work in diverse research traditions. The aim of the ICLCE conference is to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas between different frameworks and research traditions, all of which may address any aspect of the linguistics of English. The first and second ICLCE conferences were held in Edinburgh (2005) and Toulouse (2007) along the same lines. We aim for the London conference to build on the success of those events.

Plenary speakers

Bernd Kortmann (Freiburg)
James M. Scobbie (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh)
James Blevins (Cambridge)
Sali Tagliamonte (Toronto)

For more information see here.

Bas Aarts

September 2008

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