MA/Diploma/Certificate in Records and Archives Management (International)

This programme was merged with the MA/Diploma/Certificate in Archives and Records Management from 2012-2013. The following information is for students enrolled on this programme prior to 2012. 

Prior to 2012-13 UCL's MA/Diploma/Certificate in Records and Archives Management (International) accommodated students from a wide variety of countries, including students from the UK who thought that they might wish to work overseas at some point in the future. It provided a unique opportunity to study records and archives alongside fellow-students of many different nationalities.

The main focus of the programme was on written records and archives, in both digital and hard copy format, though non-script formats were also examined. Teaching and learning gave equal emphasis to the management of records for business purposes within the organisations where they were created, and to their longer-term preservation and use for historical research and other cultural purposes.

Further details on the programme are provided below.

Students enrolled on the programme prior to 2012-13 for the MA/Diploma take eight taught modules and (for the MA only) there is an additional requirement to complete a dissertation. Seven of the eight modules are mandatory. These are:

  • Principles of Archives and Records Management
  • Preservation
  • Access: Policies and Practice
  • Records Management
  • Archival Description
  • Management Skills
  • International Professional Contexts.

Students' individual interests can be explored in depth through an eighth module which offers a choice of options (such as Advanced Preservation, EAD and the Digitisation of Archives, Independent Study, Database Systems Analysis, Oral history: from creation to curation, Standards for Digital Recordkeeping, Web Publishing) and through the MA dissertation.

For the Certificate, students take four modules. The Certificate may be more appropriate for those who seek a shorter programme of study, or training in a more limited range of subjects.

The MA/Diploma is accredited by the Archives and Records Association (United Kingdom and Ireland) as an entry-level professional qualification. The Certificate is not accredited as a professional qualification.

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