Archives and Records Management Reading

This is a list of suggested reading which you should look at before you join us at the Department of Information Studies.

We do not expect you to have read everything on this list - much less go out and buy these texts -but it will be an advantage to have acquired some background knowledge of subjects with which you are not already familiar. Not all titles are in print, but all should be obtainable through libraries.

More detailed reading lists will be made available to you when you begin your studies with us.

Basic reading
Some modern texts which, taken together, give a broad overview of the principles and practice of archives and records management:

  • Bettington, J, Eberhard, K, Loo, R, & Smith, C (eds), Keeping Archives 3rd edn (Australian Society of Archivists, 2008).
  • Millar, L A, Archives: principles and practices (Facet Publishing, 2010).
  • Shepherd, E and Yeo, G, Managing Records: a handbook of principles and practice (Facet Publishing, 2003).
  • Williams, C, Managing Archives: foundations, principles and practice (Chandos Publishing, 2006).

Older classic texts which you will need to know about

  • Jenkinson, H, A Manual of Archive Administration, 1st edn (Clarendon Press, 1922), or 2nd edn (Lund Humphries, 1937; reprinted 1965). A PDF copy of the 1st edn is available here (please note that this is a large file to download).
  • Schellenberg, T R, Modern Archives: principles and techniques (F.W.Cheshire, 1956; many subsequent reprints by Chicago University Press and by the Society of American Archivists).

More specialist texts also worth consulting

  • Bastian, J, and Alexander, B (eds.) Community Archives: the shaping of memory (Facet, 2009). PDF of chapter 1 by Andrew Flinn and Mary Stevens is available here.
  • Clanchy, M T, From Memory to Written Record: England 1066-1307, 2nd edn (Blackwell, 1993).
  • Cox, R, and Wallace, D (eds.), Archives and the Public Good: accountability and records in modern society (Quorum Books, 2002). HTML version of the introduction to this book is available here.
  • Cox, R, Ethics, Accountability and Recordkeeping in a Dangerous World (Facet, 2006).
  • Eastwood, T, and MacNeil, H (eds.), Currents of Archival Thinking (Libraries Unlimited, 2010).
  • Hill, J (ed), The Future of Archives and Recordkeeping (Facet, 2010).
  • Jimerson, R C, Archives Power: memory, accountability, and social justice (Society of American Archivists, 2009).
  • McDonald, A, and Terrill, G (eds.), Open Government: freedom of information and privacy (Macmillan, 1998).
  • McKemmish, S, Piggott, M, Reed, B, and Upward, F (eds), Archives: recordkeeping in society (Charles Sturt University Centre for Information Studies, 2006).
  • Ross, S, Changing Trains at Wigan: digital preservation and the future of scholarship (2000). Full text available here.
  • Sellen, A, and Harper, R, The Myth of the Paperless Office (MIT Press, 2002).

Useful web resources

  • International Records Management Trust, Management of Public Sector Records Study Programme materials (various dates), available here.
  • The National Archives [UK], Services for Professionals pages, available here.
  • Pearce-Moses, R, A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology (Society of American Archivists, 2005), available here.
  • Pederson, A, 'Understanding Society through its Records' (John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, Australia, 2004), available here.

Texts on specific topics
Besides the reading listed above, you would benefit from reading about areas which you have not previously studied or in which you have no work experience. Some suggestions follow:

1. If most or all of your work experience is in archives, you should read about records management. Besides Shepherd and Yeo's Managing Records (mentioned above), you might find it useful to read:

  • McLeod, J and Hare, C, How to Manage Records in the E-environment (Routledge, 2006).

2. If you have little or no experience of archival description (listing or cataloguing), look at:

  • Milton, L, 'Arrangement and Description' in Bettington, J, Eberhard, K, Loo, R, & Smith, C (eds), Keeping Archives 3rd edn (Australian Society of Archivists, 2008), pages 252-291.
  • International Council on Archives, ISAD(G): general international standard archival description 2nd edn (ICA, 2000). PDF available here.

3. Those with limited experience of preservation might want to look at:

  • Forde, H, Preserving Archives (Facet, 2007).

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