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INSTG008 Digital Resources in the Humanities

This course introduces students to a range of issues involved in the design, creation, management and use of electronic resources in the humanities. Topics include humanities resources on the Web, 2D and 3D digitisation and digital imaging, encoding and markup systems, stylometry and text analysis, GIS, electronic dictionaries, user needs, scholarly electronic publishing in the humanities and interdisciplinarity.

The overall aims are to:

  • familiarize students with the computing technologies and applications that are used in humanities research and teaching
  • provide a basis for making informed choices in the design, management and use of digital resources in the humanities
  • promote understanding of the areas where access, manipulation and analysis of digital resources can benefit research and teaching in the humanities, and in the wider cultural and heritage sector

Learning outcomes: By the end of the module, students will be able to

  • identify and evaluate Web-based and other sources in electronic form for humanities research and teaching
  • create electronic resources as transcriptions and digital images, and understand the benefits and implications of these methodologies
  • assess the advantages and disadvantages of different delivery and publishing methods for electronic resources
  • understand how computers can be used for a range of research and teaching applications in the humanities
  • understand the principles and uses of text manipulation programs
  • evaluate electronic scholarly publications in hypertextual form

Each teaching session consists of a lecture plus another session, which may be a practical, guest lecture, or visit to a resource
Assessment by coursework only
Compulsory for: No students
Optional for: This module is an option for students undertaking the Masters degree in Electronic Communication and Publishing, Information Science, Archives and Records Management, Records and Archive Management (International), and Library and Information Studies
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this modules

Taught by: Dr Julianne Nyhan

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