Information Studies


INSTG021 The Record-keeping Professional

This module considers management skills for the archives and records professional and the management of archival activities. Management for archivists and records professionals includes strategic planning, management issues in public and private sectors, performance measurement, budgeting, costing and fundraising, and human resources planning. In addition, self management key skills such as time management, presentation and report writing, team working and project management are developed. Career planning and continuing professional development sessions are held.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the module, students will have:
• identified a range of management skills relevant to providing professional services in an archive and records management context
• practised some self management key skills
• the knowledge to plan their continuing professional development

Learning is through a mixture of lectures, invited speakers, private reading and practical work.

Session by session topics:

  • The Record-Keeping Professional: introduction
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing, Communications and Change Management
  • Performance Assessment, Evaluation & Advocacy
  • Financial Planning & Fundraising
  • People Management (1): Workforce Planning
  • People Management (2): Volunteer Management
  • Continuing Professional Development (1): Competencies, Professional Bodies and Personal Development Plans
  • Continuing Professional Development (2): Gaining Employment

 The module is taught in Term 1 on Wednesday mornings (10am - 1pm) with group work in afternoon sessions (2pm-3pm, room available until 4pm)

Assessment: Assessment is by one piece of coursework, worth 15 credits
Compulsory for: MA in Archives and Records Management
Optional for: This module is also available for short course students
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module, but some familiarity with the archives and records management workplace is assumed
Taught by: Elizabeth Shepherd

Introductory text: Boddy, D. Essentials of management : a concise introduction, Harlow : Pearson 2012

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