Christina Kamposiori

Christina Kamposiori

I am currently a PhD Student at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and my Thesis’ title is ‘Personal research collections: examining research practices and user needs in art historical research’. I also hold a BA in Archaeology/Art History from the University of Ioannina in Greece and an MA in Cultural Heritage Management from Panteion University in Athens, Greece.

In more details, my research focuses on how art historians build their personal collections and, particularly, how they collect, organise and use information in the context of their projects as well as how digital technologies have affected their practices. My interest in the subject stems from the significance that these collections have been found to have for research and teaching in the field. Understanding the key role they play in art historical research, as well as the criteria upon which they are designed, used and managed can bring useful results for the facilitation of the research process in terms of customised digital tools and services for scholars.

Apart from my PhD project, I am actively involved in other initiatives, such as the AHRC-funded project ‘New Media, Audiences and Affective Experiences’ ( and the 'Cultural Heritage & Beyond' Doctoral Network at UCL. From 2012 to 2015, I also co-organised the Decoding Digital Humanities London event series ( 

Moreover, I have been working as a postgraduate teaching assistant at the UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities since 2013 while, previously, I was a research assistant at the Marie Curie funded OnCoA (Online Communication Analysis) project at the UCL Information Studies Department. Before coming to UCL, I worked as a junior researcher at the Digital Curation Unit-IMIS, Athena Research Centre in Athens Greece, where I was awarded a scholarship to conduct research in the context of the European project 'Preparing Dariah' as part of my MA Thesis.

Regarding my other research interests, these include, but are not limited to, digital scholarship and infrastructures in the Arts & Humanities, information management and digital curation, and the role of digital technologies in libraries, museums and cultural heritage. Finally, I have been a member of the European Association of Digital Humanities (EADH) since 2015.  


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