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UCL Student Welfare Week – 02-05 March 2015

Stressed about exams? Worried you’re not eating right? Losing sleep over your future career? UCL Student Welfare Week 2015 aims to help address many of these issues, and more.


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Racial Harassment

Racial harassment includes any action or behaviour by one individual towards another based on differences in colour, culture, ethnic or national origin and general physical appearances related to these, which causes offence, intimidation and/or distress to the individual to whom it is directed. It also occurs when such action or behaviour creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working and social environment. Incitement to commit such action is equally culpable. Racial harassment will not be tolerated at UCL and can lead to disciplinary action.

Students who feel they are being subjected to behaviour of this kind are advised to discuss your concern confidentially with an appropriate person or report the incident through our online system.

You may see:

If you feel you wish to make a complaint about the matter, you are advised to contact the UCL Student Mediator (with effect from 1 October 2013) to see if the matter can be resolved informally. If this proves not to be possible and you decide to make a formal complaint, please contact the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning) in UCL Student and Registry Services. If a complaint is made, whether informal or formal, confidentiality will be maintained. 

UCL's Race Equality Policy contains further information on this subject.

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