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Minor Corrections

This is by far the most common result received from the examiners.

We will write to you with reports from your examiners, copied to your supervisor and Faculty Graduate Tutor. The three month deadline to submit your corrections officially starts from the date of this letter, which will also indicate the name of the person designated to check your corrections. This deadline is for you to submit the corrections to the designated checker, and not to submit the final copy of your thesis.

The examiners will normally return their copies of the thesis to you at time of the viva, so it is likely you will already be aware of what amendments are required.  The designated checker should inform you of the format he/she expects to receive the corrections, although normally this will be in electronic format.

Once the corrections have been submitted, the checker will inform UCL they are satisfied these have been successfully carried out.  This is usually this done by sending an email to Research Degrees

Once this has been received we will follow the procedure for a pass result.