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Institute of Archaeology Awards

Funding derived from the following trust funds are now collectively known as the Institute of Archaeology Awards:

  • Childe Bequest
  • Margary Bequest
  • Margary Gift
  • Sir Mortimer Wheeler
  • Getty Programme
  • Tylecote Research Fellowship
  • Thriplow Trust
  • Gertrude Caton-Thompson Awards
  • Douglas Murray Scholarship
  • Flinders Petrie Scholarship
  1. The Institute of Archaeology offers these Awards to students involved in fieldwork, research, placements and for participation in conferences.
  2. Students wishing to apply for up to £250 may submit an application at any time to the Director of the Institute via the Assistant Financial Assistant (application forms are available on the Institute website).
  3. Requests for Awards exceeding £250 may only be submitted twice a year (by 27 March and by 16 October) to the Assistant Financial Assistant, and should normally be accompanied by evidence that applicants have also applied to other agencies for full/part funding (MA and MSc students should not that they are not eligible to apply to the Graduate School).
  4. The Institute's Grant Sub-Committee decides whether applications should be supported or not, whether in full and/or as a contribution towards a Graduate School application.
  5. All applicants must complete an application form and, for amounts exceeding £250, provide two references in support of their application. A breakdown of costs is required plus any supporting documentation. No reasons for the Sub-Committee's decisions will be given.