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UCL Student Support and Wellbeing is providing support for students affected by the recent terror attacks. Further information can be found on our International Support Page.


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The Drummond, Keene, Austin Heady, Secretan Patch, Ladds, Hanson and Bell Prize

The Drummond Prizes were founded in 1973 by Dr L. Margaret Kerly in memory of Sir Jack Drummond, Professor of Biochemistry at UCL, 1922-1945, and Dean of the MBBS, 1929-1932.

The Richard Keene Prize was founded in 1971 by Frances Keene under a bequest to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, and was originally awarded to the best woman student at the end of the first pre-clinical year. 

The Austin Heady Prize in Biometry was founded at The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in 1983 by Gerry W. Fenn in honour of Austin Heady.

The Winifred Secretan Patch Prize was founded in 1928 under a bequest to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in memory of Winifred Secretan Patch.

The Winifred Ladds Prize was founded in 1930 under a bequest to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in memory of Winifred Ladds.

The Helen Hanson Prize was founded in 1930 by a donation to the Royal Free Hospital from the League of the Church Militant Helen Hanson Memorial Fund.

The Charles Bell Prize was founded in memory of Sir Charles Bell, a surgeon at The Middlesex Hospital and Professor of Surgery at University College, and was originally awarded in Anatomy.

1. One prize may be awarded in each session.

2. The prize is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the MBBS Board of Examiners.

3. The prize is awarded to the student who achieves the fifth highest score in the examinations for Year 2 of the MBBS programme.

4. The value of the prize is £100. Each award will be accompanied by a certificate.

5. No application is necessary.

6. The awards are announced in June.

7. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.

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