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Arthur Pollard Student Assistance Fund

Founded in 1935 by a bequest of the late Arthur Pollard, supplemented in 1976 by donations in memory of the late H.Clifford Pugh, Chairman of the Council of UCHMS 1969-76 and of the late Dr F.R. Tredgold, Consultant Psychiatrist, UCH 1948-76

  1. The Dean of Students on behalf of the Council makes loans and bursaries from the Arthur Pollard Student Assistance Fund.

  2. The loans and bursaries are made on the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences.

  3. The loans may be made to students proceeding to the M.B., B.S. or B.D.S. Degrees in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, to assist with the payment of tuition or examination fees or to contribute to maintenance expenses.

  4. The loans bear no interest. They must be repaid, in one sum or by agreed instalments, within one year from the date upon which the student obtains the first registrable medical or dental qualification. The period of repayment may be extended in special cases.

  5. In all other respects the Regulations as to Bursary and Loan Funds apply.