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Hugh Smith Memorial Fund

Founded in 1969 by the subscribers to the Fund for establishing a memorial to A. H. Smith, Quain Professor of English Language and Literature, 1949-67, and Director of Scandinavian Studies, 1946-63, at University College London

  1. The Hugh Smith Memorial Fund is established for the purpose of making an award to a student in the Department of English Language and Literature or the Department of Scandinavian Studies at University College London, working in any of the following fields: English, Nordic or Germanic Philology; English or Scandinavian Literature; Structural and Comparative Linguistics; English Usage; Period; Place-Names and Personal Names; Folk Lore; Communication Theory; The Photography and Editing of Manuscripts; The History of Printing.

  2. The award will normally consist of a grant to assist specific studies in any of the fields named above, or to help meet expenses of a visit for purposes of study to the University of Uppsala or other academic institution in Scandinavia, or to aid the purchase of books, documents, or equipment.

  3. The award is made by the Hugh Smith Memorial Trustees, on the recommendation of the Quain Professor of English Language and Literature and the Head of the Department of Scandinavian Studies.