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Richard Fitzgerald Prize

Founded in 1960 from a fund subscribed in memory of Professor Richard FitzGerald, LL.B., F.R.S.A., Fellow of the College and a member of the staff of the Faculty of Laws, 1946-59

  1. The Richard FitzGerald Prize may be awarded in each session.

  2. The Prize is awarded by the Council on the recommendation normally in alternate sessions, of the Faculty of Laws and the Faculty of Engineering.

  3. The Prize is awarded annually in alternate sessions to a student studying for a First Degree in the Faculty of Laws or the Faculty of Engineering who has completed either the first or second year of his course. In the event of there being no candidate of sufficient merit in any session in the Faculty entitled to recommend the award, the Prize may be awarded to a student in the alternate Faculty, and the Faculty which has been unable to make a recommendation shall become the Faculty entitled to make the recommendation in the following session. Where neither Faculty is able to recommend an award, the Prize may be awarded, on the recommendation of the Provost, to a student in any other Faculty within the College.

  4. The Faculty entitled shall recommend the student who, in the Faculty's opinion, having regard not only to their academic work but also to their contribution to the social and communal life of the College, has best advanced the interests of the College and Faculty.

  5. The value of the Richard FitzGerald Prize, which takes the form of books or such other aid to study as the Dean of the appropriate Faculty may think fit, is the accumulated income of the Richard FitzGerald Prize Fund or such lesser sum as the relevant Faculty may recommend.

  6. No application is necessary.

  7. The award is announced in November.

  8. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.