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The Budgeting Calculator

It may be tempting to spend your student funding straight away, but remember each payment has to last a whole term and it’s important to work out, and stick to, a budget. Students from Scotland receiving funding from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland will be paid monthly, but you’ll still need to budget carefully to get through term time and holiday periods. Plan ahead to make sure your course fees and living costs are covered and don’t forget you can have a separate loan to cover your tuition fees. If you’re from Wales there may be some grants to help with fees as well. Think about how long your student funding has to last you, and what your rent and other expenses are, such as utilities or phone bills and transport costs, so you know what money you have left. You may also want to think about protecting what’s valuable to you while you are a student by ensuring you have the appropriate insurance.

Why not try out the student budget calculator and see how well you manage your money: The Budgeting Calculator