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Services Standards

1 Introduction

The following document sets out the service standards which the Registry aims to meet in the provision of services to its users.

2 Areas of activity

The Registry provides services in the following areas of activity:

  • dissemination of information, both general and specific, about UCL
  • recruitment and admission of students
  • registration and enrolment of students
  • maintenance of student records
  • assessment, charging and collection of students' fees
  • student finance and support, including grants, scholarships, studentships, prizes, bursaries and loans
  • arrangement and administration of examinations
  • advice and administrative support for international students
  • graduation ceremonies
  • collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics and management information and assessment of student load
  • liaison with various outside bodies including the University of London, HEFCE, HESA, the Quality Assurance Agency, Universities UK, UCAS and the Student Loans Company
  • liaison with solicitors over legal matters, particularly in relation to student administration
  • advice to students with disabilities
  • administration of programme approval and review
  • appointment of examiners
  • co-ordination and administration of UCL's academic regulations
  • administration of UCL's procedures relating to discipline, grievances, examination irregularities, research misconduct, admissions misrepresentations and complaints
3 Users

Users of the Registry's services include potential and actual applicants for programmes, schools and colleges and their staff, universities within the UK and abroad, UCL staff and students, lay members of UCL committees, students' parents and relatives, UCL alumni, employers, outside agencies and organisations, and researchers.The Division will consult periodically its users or representatives of them in whatever ways appropriate on the provision of its services and the standards and levels of those services. Such reviews will be co-ordinated by the Registrar.

4 Departmental Service Standards

The six departments of Student and Registry Services (The Registrar's Office, Academic Services, Access and Admissions, Information and Data Services, Student Administration and Student Support and Wellbeing) provide a range of services and have formulated detailed service standards for their areas of activity: these are available from the Registrar's Office or the relevant Department.

5 Service Standards for the Division

The Registry provides a service to its users the nature and scope of which will vary according to the user requesting or receiving it, but which will be underpinned by the following aims and standards:

  • To carry out the functions and services listed in 2 above as efficiently, economically and expeditiously as possible and in accordance with approved UCL policies, procedures and undertakings as set out in UCL regulations, procedure documents and codes of practice.
  • To provide a courteous and prompt response to any person making contact with the Division by way of dealing with their business or redirecting them or their enquiry to the appropriate officer or member of staff; or where a response is not possible or not possible within a reasonable period to provide an acknowledgement and an explanation of the reasons for any delay.
  • To provide ready access to any information, facility or service that the Registry is responsible for subject to any constraints that may be imposed by confidentiality, data protection, UCL policy or the law.
  • To communicate with users clearly and comprehensively.
  • To implement and facilitate UCL policy, procedures, management and administration in whatever way may be required and to assist UCL staff to that end.
  • To promote and seek to maintain UCL's quality, standards, reputation and image in whatever ways are appropriate.
  • To provide ad hoc assistance, whether within the areas of provision detailed above or not, and, when appropriate, to any part of the Division, to UCL staff and students, and to any other users of Registry services.
  • To investigate and give a response to complaints within a reasonable period (in accordance with UCL procedure, every effort will be made to resolve complaints informally and UCL's formal complaints procedure will normally only be invoked when it has not been possible to resolve the matter in this way).
  • To make all practicable provision for the continuity of essential Registry services and facilities in the event of a disaster or accident affecting the Division or UCL.
  • To monitor, as far as is practicable, users' views of the services provided by the Division and to review procedures, operations and service standards accordingly.
6 Responsibilities of Users

In order to enable it to meet the service standards set out above and the service levels defined separately for each department within the Division, the Registry relies upon its users, where appropriate, to respond to communications, to meet specified deadlines, to provide the Division with necessary information, and to comply with UCL regulations and procedures. If these requirements are not met, the Division cannot guarantee to meet the service standards and levels specified in these documents.Any comments or complaints about the services provided by the Registry should be addressed in writing to Mr T Perry, The Registrar , UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT

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