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Re-enrolment for Continuing Students

Enrolment If you are expecting to continue your studies at UCL in September 2015, please read the information on this webpage carefully, as it contains essential information about what you need to do to ensure you complete your registration as a student for the 2015/16 academic session.

You access online re-enrolment via your Portico account and selecting "Start your re-enrolment task" within the Enrolment and Study Details container on the Student Home Page at  www.ucl.ac.uk/portico.   

Please remember you must logon to re-enrol and check your details even if you have no fees to pay.  You must do this for the 2015/16 academic session, even if you started your programme or returned from interruption after September 2014.

You will be able to print off a statement to show you have successfully completed your re-enrolment from the Portico website. This printout will serve as general proof of your enrolment for the 2015/16 academic session.

A list of frequently asked questions regarding online enrolment is available here. Please read these answers carefully before emailing any queries. You must re-enrol by 30 October 2015.  If you have not re-enrolled and ensured a registered status by that date, your records will be closed and you will no longer be considered a UCL student.


If you are registered on a flexible method of study you must re-enrol now even if you do not intend to take any modules during the 2015/16 academic session.  This will ensure that your registration as a student is maintained to enable you to complete your programme in a future session.


All students are required to hold a UCL ID card and to carry it when on UCL premises. Please visit the Security Systems website if you need to obtain a replacement.


At least 50% of your programme fees for the 2015/16 session must be settled as part of the enrolment process.  Please note you may not be expected to pay the full fee yourself if you are sponsored. If you have any queries regarding your fees please log on to the online re-enrolment service where you will be given the opportunity to contact the Fees Office regarding your fee amount.

If you have to pay your fees yourself, you can pay online by credit/debit card at https://payonline.ucl.ac.uk/ so please have your card to hand when you log in. Other alternative payment methods are available (logon for more details).


UK/EU continuing students must re-apply for student finance each year and should do so without delay via www.gov.uk/student-finance.

We do not need to see your assessment letter from the Student Loans Company (SFE or regional student awards authority), as they provide the same information electronically to UCL. Should the SLC not be paying all of your fees, you will be expected to pay at least half of the balance at enrolment. Students failing to do this will be on TIME LIMITED ENROLMENT and will not be reported as registered to the SLC. Your student loan for maintenance, grants and/or any UCL bursaries will not be processed by the SLC and released into your bank account until you are classified as fully registered.

For further student financial advice including bursaries, please contact the Student Funding section (studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk).


On completion of the re-enrolment process you will be able, if required, to select your modules for the 2015/16 academic session.  You access online Module Registration via your Portico account and selecting on the “Module Registration” option on the My Studies page at www.ucl.ac.uk/portico.

This online service provides you with information on the rules for the selection of modules for your programme:

  • it allows you to search for modules and provides basic information about them
  • it allows you to save your selections and return to the module selection process at a later time
  • it allows you to submit your selections once you are happy with your choices
  • it checks to ensure that your selections fit with the rules for your programme

Once selected, your modules are subject to validation by both your parent department (where you are registered) and the teaching department that owns the module selected, where this is different. The deadline for completing the module selection process is Friday 16 October 2015.  After this date all changes to your module selections will need to be actioned through your parent department.

You may wish to refer to the new UCL Online Timetable when making your selections.  You can find out when modules are being taught across UCL or login to view your personal timetable which is updated from your module selections in Portico.  It is available at www.ucl.ac.uk/timetable or you can access your timetable from within the main page of the module selection section of Portico.

If you need help or advice on this process you should contact your parent department in the first instance. 


If you require a visa to study in the UK please familiarise yourself with the Points-Based Immigration System that came into effect in the UK in April 2009. "Tier 4" is the part that covers general student visas. If your existing visa does not cover the remainder of your current programme of study you will need to submit a visa extension application in advance of your visa expiry date and in doing so you will have to meet the requirements of Tier 4. If you need to apply for your visa before you enter the UK, please visit UCL's Immigration and Visa website. If you hold a current valid Tier 4 visa and would like to extend it after you arrive in the UK, please visit UCL's Immigration and Visa website for further information.

The requirements of Tier 4 are fully explained on the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Please be aware that retrospective changes are not allowed to be made to your student record, so any changes to your circumstances or student status must be notified to UCL using the appropriate form in a timely manner.  The various forms for students on taught programmes can be found here.

Research students should discuss any changes with their supervisors in the first instance.

Please also be advised that it is a legal requirement that you provide UCL with current contact address details for the duration of your programme of study.  This information should be updated as necessary online on your PORTICO record.


UCL has put in place a Short Message Service (SMS) text system that will enable contact to be made with students on their mobile phones in the event of an emergency.  UCL believes that this is a quick and efficient way to inform and advise you quickly of anything impacting on or disrupting your studies.  In addition to being able to inform you of an unforeseen closure of a building or campus, the SMS text facility can be used to update you on the situation.

To enable the new SMS facility to achieve maximum coverage, please could you ensure that the ‘contact’ details on Portico are updated with your current mobile telephone number and are kept up-to-date throughout your time at UCL.

The SMS text system will access the mobile numbers stored on the system anonymously and will not access the names allied to the numbers.


If you have any queries, please contact the following:

Re-enrolment outside the start of the academic year.

You will need to pay or confirm your fee/sponsorship arrangements and re-enrol in person at the Student Centre. For further advice please email studentrecords@ucl.ac.uk.

Information relating to tuition fees can be found here.