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Archive of News

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15 June 2012: Abstract submissions invited for International Conference for Urban Sustainability and Resilience

The UCL Centre for Urban Sustainability and Resilience is inviting the submission of short abstracts to be considered for the first International Conference for Urban Sustainability and Resilience. More...

15 June 2012: Quantum bar magnets in a transparent salt

Scientists have managed to switch on and off the magnetism of a new material using quantum mechanics, making the material a test bed for future quantum devices. More...

14 June 2012: Most older pedestrians unable to cross the road in time

The ability to cross a road in time is one that most of us take for granted. A new UCL study published in the journal Age and Ageing, entitled ‘Most Older Pedestrians are unable to cross the road in time: a cross-sectional study’, has compared the walking speed of the older population in the UK (aged 65 and over) with the speed required to use a pedestrian crossing. More...

13 June 2012: Two UCL school outreach programmes shortlisted for awards

Two UCL school outreach programmes, UCL Horizons and Pathways to Law, have both been shortlisted for the London Education Partnership Awards.

13 June 2012: No evidence for "knots" in space

Theories of the primordial Universe predict the existence of knots in the fabric of space - known as cosmic textures - which could be identified by looking at light from the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the relic radiation left over from the Big Bang. More...

12 June 2012: UCL at Cheltenham Science Festival

A number of UCL academics and students are taking part in the Cheltenham Science Festival, which starts today. More...

11 June 2012: GACD members fund landmark research to reduce impact of hypertension

In June 2011 the UCL Institute for Global Health was selected to host the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) Secretariat, working to curb chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, chronic lung disease and heart disease throughout the world. More...

11 June 2012: UCLU StARs Awards Reception 2012

In June, UCLU hosted an awards reception to celebrate the efforts and achievements of Student Academic Representatives (StARs).

11 June 2012: Scientists reveal structure of bacterial chainmail

An international team of scientists has uncovered the structure of the protective protein coat which surrounds many bacteria like a miniature suit of armour.

7 June 2012: New property of flames sparks advances in technology

Chemists at UCL have discovered a new property of flames, which allows them to control reactions at a solid surface in a flame and opens up a whole new field of chemical innovation. More...

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