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Archive of News

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30 August 2013: Lesbian and gay young people twice as likely to smoke and drink alcohol

Young people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual are twice as likely to have smoked than their heterosexual peers, according to new research published in BMJ Open. Lesbian and gay young people were also more likely to drink alcohol frequently and more hazardously. More...

30 August 2013: Michelin star restaurant add Bentham recipe to their menu

An 18th Century recipe recommended by Jeremy Bentham for inmates of his proposed Panopticon prison has been added to the menu at St. John restaurant in London. More...

30 August 2013: Digesting milk in Ethiopia: A case of multiple genetic adaptations

A genetic phenomenon that allows for the selection of multiple genetic mutations that all lead to a similar outcome -- for instance the ability to digest milk -- has been characterised for the first time in humans. More...

29 August 2013: New UCL student residence on Caledonian Road

A brand new hall of residence, New Hall, on Caledonian Road, is due to open in 2013.

28 August 2013: Size of personal space is affected by anxiety

The space surrounding the body (known by scientists as ‘peripersonal space’), which has previously been thought of as having a gradual boundary, has been given physical limits by new research into the relationship between anxiety and personal space. More...

23 August 2013: Playing video games can boost brain power

Certain types of video games can help to train the brain to become more agile and improve strategic thinking, according to scientists from UCL and Queen Mary University of London. More...

22 August 2013: Half of all UK seven-year-olds not getting enough exercise

Half of all UK seven-year-olds are sedentary for between six and seven waking hours per day and half are not doing the recommended daily minimum of one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity, according to the latest findings from the Millennium Cohort Study. More...

20 August 2013: Earliest known iron artefacts come from outer space

Researchers have shown that ancient Egyptian iron beads held at the UCL Petrie Museum were hammered from pieces of meteorites, rather than iron ore. The objects, which trace their origins to outer space, also predate the emergence of iron smelting by two millennia. More...

20 August 2013: Classical music competitions judged by sight, not sound

People can reliably select the winners of classical music competitions based on silent video recordings of performances, according to new research from UCL.

19 August 2013: Festival of the Planets comes to London

From 8–13, September hundreds of astronomers from all over the world will arrive in the capital, bringing with them a huge variety of different public events to get Londoners involved in astronomy. More...

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